Line drying clothes mumbai

Hand Washing clothes in Monsoon


In the past I’ve participated in challenges that included hand washing cloth diapers to show that the poor do not “need” disposable diapers. However, hand washing clothes in monsoon is not as practical or money saving as one would think. Unless, of course, you either have an excellent cross wind, like damp clothes so you can iron them or just like stinky clothes.

None of those apply to me!

 Hand washing clothes

So here’s our original hand washing method. Buckets.

hand washing using the bucket method
Hand washing clothes using the bucket method. I used two. One for rinsing one for wash/soak


Drying clothes

Before monsoon, it took two days due to lack of cross wind. We don’t have a backyard to have a clothes line going on (we had one in Phoenix, great for stains and cloth diaper drying!). Thus, we do not have a breeze to assist in drying and our patio area is small and lacks a true crosswind.

Now that we have rain that shows that yes, Mumbai was once a true tropical rain forest, we lack sunshine most days and the rain hardly stops for more than 20 minutes at a time. (Which is why I have to time my walk back from the cafe between rain! it means clothes really lack drying. We have three towels right now (we expect our things by next Monday now! yay!) it means we have to wash them often and that means if they don’t dry, they stink! Hopefully I’ll get my bathroom post up soon for you all, but this gives you an idea of why I’m not a fan of wet bathrooms, and really, mine is considered semi-wet since the shower area doesn’t share with the toilet area. But yes, everything gets wet, basically no matter what!

Line drying clothes mumbai
Our line drying system in a “dry space” as allocated by the floor plan. Drip, drip, drip. No breeze, and you see the sunlight we had in the “heat” of the summer. We’re now in monsoon time!
washer and dryer india
Our stacking washer and dryer in our kitchen. That’s our maid, Swapna, in front :)

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