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Happy Teacher’s Day India + Blow paint craft


Today was a half day at school because it was Teacher’s Day here in India. My 5 year old colored some pictures for the teachers last night (and added a sticky note for them to add their own writing) but she mis-placed them this morning so we took some of the blow paint crafts they made the other day instead.

There school has around 25 students and three full time teachers and an aide. Luckily we had 4 of those pictures to add.

art for teacher's day
I didn’t have a straw so I rolled up some paper to use to dip and “blow” paint. However, ran into an issue since they bent too much the air didn’t flow too well. There’s always next time.

blow-paint-craft3 blow-paint-craft

School on Teacher’s Day in India

Most of the other schools seem to have the kids at school for one hour. Since most schools have two or three batches per teacher, it allows the teachers to be appreciated by the students briefly and then move on :) Other schools are off for the day, honoring the teachers with a day off.

Our cook quit

I was a bit happy to have the shortened day because it was our “lunch day” at school and our cook decided to up and quit. Another story again, but basically she gets two days off a month and she took 5 off last month so I docked her pay. I mean most people who don’t show up for work don’t get paid, right? Either way it appears to be a power struggle. The belief seems to be that I need her more than she needs the job so I should beg her back and not cut her pay. But, I have less waiting around (She was on time for cooking once last month) and the kids overall prefer non-Indian food. Of course my husband prefers Indian food, so we have a balance to make. Anyway, we were to bring egg-free muffins (cupcakes without frosting) for the kids in school and that is easier than lunch for me!

Parents are a child’s first teacher

It was sweet – on the drive to school today my 5 year old said, “My teacher said we have to say thank you because you were our first teachers.” Yes, parents are the kid’s first teachers AND the other part is that we continue to teach. In everything we do the kids see, learn and then, DO. My goal this week has been no yelling. When I yell I tell my kids it is okay to yell. When I’m upset, I’m working hard to say “I’m upset because X,” rather than shutting down or yelling. Both are not good coping techniques. Getting a hold of MY emotions are important so that I can respond effectively and positively.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers out there. The kid’s teachers at their school are awesome. I took some photos at the end of the day but of course my phone decided to eat them :(

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  1. The blow paintings are so colorful – I am sure the teachers loved them. I can see where this could get messy! 😉 It’s so nice to have a teacher’s day to recognize those wonderful teachers!

    1. Yes – potentially messy but washable paints wipe up with a mop. I almost put them out on the patio (we’re in an apartment) but didn’t.

    1. My kids are scheduled for 5 days a week but there are tons of holidays between the end of July and October so it seems like 4 days a week! School here starts in June.

  2. Are there so few cooks available in India that your cook believed she was irreplaceable? Funny story about your kids because having kids is the only reason I developed patience and any sort of control over my temper, for exactly the reason you stated. I realized they model their behavior after mine so I had to act the way I wanted them to.

  3. I just love that sentiment that parents are the first teachers. We homeschooled my son’s first year and sending him to school this year was hard. It is great to have teacher’s acknowledge who really teaches kids.

  4. Great innovations with the blow-art. It still looks pretty cool! I love teacher appreciation all over the world – it’s so similar. These people care for, educate, and love our kids … and so many parents just are oblivious. Thanks for celebrating them.

  5. Your kids are Multi-talented , Teachers day..it reminds me my school days. I can feel your pain..it is really difficult to argue with maid or cook here in India hehe. one more thing…They always ask for gifts and bonuses in festivals

  6. That was really cool of the teacher to point out that the parents are the first teachers. Sorry you lost your cook! Will you be learning to cook Indian dishes or are you going to find another cook?

  7. How nice a day for appreciating the teachers! I love it.

    Sorry about your cook. I’m sure there are other cooks who would love to have the job, and can make it on time.

  8. No more kids in school for me but I love reading about others. It is wonderful that the kids are so excited about Teacher Appreciation.

    It seems like your teacher to child ration is quite high which is good.

  9. Sounds like you have had your hands full. I am sure you will figure out the cook situation. On a lighter note I love the sentiment about parents being the first teacher. That is absolutely true and some people forget that (even parents).

  10. What fun! I need to share this with some teacher friends I have ( ok parents as well) This would be not only a great rainy day craft but something different and fun for the kids to try out

  11. I agree with the teacher, we, parents are our kids first teacher because they learn their basics such as numbers, alphabets and manners at home.

  12. School Started here the 3rd. My kids do not finger paint anymore but love to make a mess lol. Great pictures. So colorful and great fridge Art!

  13. You share so many great insights here. We are our children’s first and best teachers for sure. Thank you for sharing this!


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