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We’re in the midst of summer, and chances are, you’re either planning back to school, or your child may have even had their first day already (hello Indiana and Arizona, did I miss anyone?) Here’s the thing, having STEM fun can be done inside of school, but the curriculum often doesn’t offer as much hands on science in elementary school as many would like. And, as our homeschooling friends know, sometimes finding ways to incorporate learning and fun is worth while. For that reason, doing STEM at home is important and fun!

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Here Comes The Sun With 25% Savings!

We love GROOVY summer savings – how about you? Get in the groove with some solar STEM fun!

STEM Activities to do at Home

Our friends at Groovy Lab in a Box are offering a 25% discount on the “Here Comes The Sun” award-winning box! USE CODE: SOLAR25

science and fun with groovy lab in a box STEM activities to do at home
Science and fun in one!

Design Challenge: You’re shipwrecked on a deserted island with only your Groovy Lab in a Box. Inside your groovy box are the materials to design and build a solar balloon, solar oven, conductivity tester and a desalination plant. Can you eat, drink and get someone to rescue you using only your Groovy Lab in a Box materials?

* Emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
* Extended learning through our exclusive web portal
* For kids ages 8 and up

stem activities at home with groovy lab in a box
Wondering what to do with groovy lab in a box? Check out what Here comes the sun is for your STEM activities at home!

In partnership with Popular Mechanics, Groovy Lab in a Box, deliver their STEM-themed box straight to your door filled with investigation activities and a design challenge that are fun and hands-on. The investigation activities culminate into an Engineering Design Challenge, where your STEMists (your kids) must apply what they’ve learned from the investigation activities (and use their critical thinking skills) to complete the design challenge. The boxes contain everything you need to complete all of the activities, including a groovy retro-themed lab notebook. The box is supplemented with their Beyond…in a Box web portal where your children will find groovy videos, interactives, a STEM library, extension activities and much much more. Head over to Groovy Lab in a Box’s website to learn more about this groovy service!

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