How are the kids doing you ask?


Well the kids are doing mostly well. Today we had an in-home play date. One lady is German (but spent a bit of her childhood in the US) and her daughter is 3 and another lady is Russian and her son is almost 3. It works out nicely for R. Another family is Irish/Chinese via the US with kids who are 7, almost 5 and 3, but they’re under the weather so they didn’t join us. I wish I had a photo of the two girls playing twister today :) it was so cute.


Otherwise, we have a daredevil on our hands. Yesterday I had the kids down at the park and could see a swing moving but couldn’t see R, so I started looking from behind the play structure and walked toward the moving swing. I didn’t see R because he was doing this!

Definitely don’t call me a helicopter mom! Attachment parenting is not helicopter parenting! And they say co-sleeping means kids won’t feel independent. That’s a bunch of bull! So while he still nurses, he is definitely an independent boy, wouldn’t you think?

R, independent, even though he's nursing at age 3.
R, independent, even though he’s nursing at age 3.

Other than that, V’s bangs are finally almost long enough to stay behind her ear and out of her eyes.

Bangs are growing
Bangs are growing. Don’t mind my “dark” photos – I have no flash on my throw-away phone!

For R’s birthday a friend picked up a set of “truck” parts. We had picked up coordinating airplane parts. These are age 3+. Yeah right.

2013-05-07 21.45.43
This took daddy, a PhD engineer 45 minutes.
2013-05-07 11.46.46
This took me over an hour and I could not follow all the directions. Not for age 3+, at least not independently!

We do lots of crafts too. The days are long and without play dates and play places, we spend too much time in front of the tv. PLUS almost all the kid’s shows are extremely violent! A friend is coming to India on the 15th so we have a few things ordered for her to bring along (thank you Anitha and Jamie for coordinating!)

But V likes workbooks, so we do these most days.

draw balloons.
Draw more balloons. Simple enough.

Keeps her occupied and she enjoys it, so why not. We’re not anti-workbook, but I’m anti getting her anxious about learning and school. No stress! She just turned 5!

5 year old math
She takes “more” seriously. I actually have a kindergarten work that I did. I had to “count” as high as I could. I wrote all the way on that page, flipped it over and kept going. Guess she gets the literalness from me.


Also showing off her daring skills.
Also showing off her daring skills.
Yoga karate time!
Yoga karate time!

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  1. This was really fun to read. It’s also a great way to document a child’s life and be able to look back on it with them in the future especially with all the cool photos.

    I don’t see anything wrong with attachment parenting. When I have kids I’m gonna be next to them 24/7 well into their adult years lol seriously. I think it just means your kids are gonna grow up feeling very loved.


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