How closing down uber doesn’t stop rapes


So the headlines now are proclaiming victory for women… how? Uber the international cashless cab company is being banned in India’s capital after a woman was raped in a cab by the driver. Sick. I know.


So when another blogger wrote about how this won’t make transport safer for women, I agreed… to a point.

You see, I am sick of the victim ideal… yes we need fewer victims (of so many things) in the world… but first we need fewer perpetrators.

Rapists need to not rape for there to be an end to rape!

This rapist was in jail previously for rape. He did little time… and that time served clearly wasn’t enough to deter him from doing it again.

This is a case of forgery that allowed this rapist  to get clearance to drive a radio cab. (Radio cab is this special term that basically allows you to call for a cab and not just hail down the traditional black and yellow cabs).

This is a case of the company being punished rather than there being discussion on how to curb rapes! How will giving a death sentence to a company stop someone from raping?

This is a case of a rapist who didn’t fear repercussions raping again. Now other law abiding cab drivers are out of their investment. People will suffer… and it won’t undo the crime. It won’t make the victim heal. It won’t help deter the criminals! It won’t put this perpetrator in jail for life where he likely belongs.

Women, do you feel any safer because a company was shut down? If they did something illegal, punish them according to the crime. Shutting down because of the issue of an “all India permit” not being valid in the capital? Ok. Enforce that law – don’t take away their license. Then enforce it similarly for others: For all.

The real criminal is the rapist. Not uber.

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    1. You are right. He has due process to be convicted this round. However he also has to be convicted of falsifying police clearance too.

      It sounds like a case of victim blaming will be coming from the arena…

      Not to mention a business is being banned yet those businesses that have comvicted rapes under them (think private buses and skating coaches…) all continue to do business?

      Why is Uber being targeted?

  1. I agree with you. One moron does not represent the entire company. All of the good things this company has done should not be overshadowed by the faults of one ill-picked employee. The focus needs to be more on educating the public about rape, teaching women how to protect themselves when needed and things that will help advance the progress India is making.

  2. It’s not the company, it is the person who they hired. Yes, it is a horrible thing that happened, but it’s not the company’s fault.

  3. The company is probably at fault ot a point, since they didn’t check this guy out. But…. there are so many LIARS out there that …how can you stop it?

  4. I agree that the company is being punished for one man’s actions but it is up to a company to check out it’s employees. That’s like letting a child molester work at a day care. A company must make sure that the people in it’s employee are not criminals. These people are using their company name you would think they would have gone to some trouble to check references and such. But I agree we need stiffer penalties for the criminals. Until we get them off the streets nobody is safe!

  5. I have to admit I don’t know the full back story, I think that there should be some blame laid on the company but not all of it – they should use it make the company a stronger safer way for women to travel.

  6. I do think the company holds some responsibility. They need to protect their customers by doing criminal background checks. Had they known he was already convicted for rape in the past, they never should have put him in a position to do it again.

  7. The only thing the company did wrong was hire the guy, but how would they know he was a rapist? I wouldn’t feel safer if Uber was shutdown. It can still happen elsewhere.

  8. I don’t see how closing down one company will stop rapes. If the cab driver was previously convicted for a rape crime, the cab company should be responsible for not doing proper background check. It never crossed my mind that you could get raped when you take a cab BY the cab driver. It’s so surreal. I hope he gets what he deserve.

  9. I agree with you on this. It is like saying… we have an epidemic of obesity in this country. Let’s close down all fast food… That really isn’t going to change the fact that people make choices that lead to the problem. Closing down Uber is not going to take away the predators. They will just find other ways to act out.

  10. I agree with your points, “The rapist was in jail previously for rape. The time he spent clearly wasn’t enough to deter him from doing it again.” A company should also take the responsibility of a worker’s profile. If they are not caring about those basic important issues, then the company should be punished as well.


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