I miss reading books


I love to read. I love good children’s books (especially Barefoot Books!) but honestly I miss MY books! So I went into last week’s vacation with a mission… FINISH my two “bathroom” books and finish a few more.


Goal one. Accomplished.


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Book 1: Susan Fletcher’s Oystercatchers. Great read. Totally engrossed and a revealing story that reads well and covers a life journey in a unique manner. Loved it.

Book 2: The Good Muslim of Jackson Heights by Jaysinh Birjepatil. This I stopped and started a few times so I got lost on some of the characters but in the end I am very glad I finished it. The story line is one that looks at not only immigrant life but also how religion/non-religion has bearing on perceptions of us, especially on the idea that we ‘assume’ religion or beliefs based on someone’s name or looks. Highly recommended.

Book 3: Jaishree Misra’s Accidents like Love and Marriage. This was a quick read and overall had a great character set as well as a story ending that one doesn’t expect in ANY “Indian” novel. Breaks the mold and NOT your typical Bahu life :)

Book 4: Resistance by Anita Shreve. Another great book by this author. It rings in at a solid 300+ pages but it read easily and I was compelled to finish it ASAP. Gook thing I was at the beach :)

Small goal but it felt great to read some books. Now I’ve been back for what… 4 days and I’ve got 2 more pages read in an old Jodi Piccoult book that I had not yet read. Back to the drawing board.

Oh and I joined DietBetter. Not doing the best in this first week, but that just means things can only get better. (Also, watch for a profile of a former co-worker in her awesome FITNESS make over… and likely a whole LIFE maker over).

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  1. I read all the time as I am sure you and anyone else who even glances at my blog knows! I am happy that you got to finish the books you wanted to finish and that you enjoyed them!

  2. I have had times in my life when I had to put my books on hold to be a mom. Life was just too crazy. But I just get so much enjoyment out of having a good book to read, I had to make it a priority again. I love reading books just for fun. So even if I only get 10 minutes a night in; reading a book of MY choosing; it is so worth it! I managed to finish off 2 books last month and I just started two new ones this week!

  3. The last time I read a book had to be when my son was 10. We were on vacation and he and I had a bet as to who could read the Chronicles of Narnia fastest. I need to pick up a good book. Good for you for getting back to it.

  4. Reading is so important but one of the things that I put off to the very bottom of my list of things I want to do. I am not sure why. Glad you were able to find some time to read and that you enjoyed the books.

  5. I love reading! One of the reasons I visit so many blogs! I am currently reading Double Dare and omg it is so good


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