I’m not sure if you’re going to be angry, but


Remember the saying, “if the kids are quiet, something’s up?” Yep, generally true. My daughter (5) came to me yesterday and said, “Mom, I’m not sure if you’re going to be angry, but…” and she trailed off. In ran my son (3) and he yelled,

but we didn’t have any red paper

Ah, the red paper. This is a time when, as a mom, I had to make a choice. Be angry or relax? I chose to take a deep breath and remind them both of the line from their favorite book, so we recited it together.

Mama will always love you but you gotta clean up the mess.

Yep, they made red paper.

They painted both sides of the construction paper to make it red. Apparently we have a lot of types of paint. Finger paint, poster paint, roller paint. They didn’t try the glitter.

Angry mom or I love you mom?

As the book says, I’ll always love you. My kids are at a very impressionable age. I know that in around May of this year as we waited our things and we were all stressed and cooped up in an entirely unfurnished apartment, it was rough on all of us. So I know I need to keep the ANGER at bay. Kids are kids. They wanted red paper. They problem solved. And then they cleaned it up. Happily. In the end, I have to remember that a mess is just a mess. We can wipe it up (currently trying to make sure all my non-washable paints are hidden away some where safe), move on, and now… the kids have red paper.

A grainy photo, but they were both happy. They both helped clean it all up and now their piece of red paper is dry. It took a full day in the sun. Of course my son wondered about it this morning but neither kiddo has decided to *do* anything with it.

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  1. lol well like you say a mess is only a mess at least it can be cleaned up and they look like they enjoyed themselves

  2. haha i can’t imagine myself yet being a mom, just trying to re-enact the same thing being me as mom I don’t know really if i should be angry or what :)) They’re good kids though because normally they just trail off and let their mom do the work. I thought it was something serious lol!

  3. I’m about 50/50 for handling the situation as well as you did. If it happens on a good day, I can easily take a deep breath and relax. If they happen to do something like this on a day where I’m stressed to the max….not so good on my temper. way to go for you! Mom of the year award to yoU!

  4. Actually that was quite ingenious on their part–to “make” the red paper they thought they needed! Yes, I would definitely hide any paint, etc that is not washable cleanable away from those two!!

  5. Haha I can see where the idea made sense in their heads before it was executed. 😉 I don’t know how many times I prefaced a statement to my parents with that same phrase back when I was a kid. I think you handled it well by taking it calmly but also having them help you with cleaning it up. What a great lesson in both forgiveness and personal responsibility.

  6. I used to get upset about things like this but now I’ve learned to relax. Just recently my daughter decided to use her entire bottle of baby powder all over her body, hair and carpet. All I can do is smile now I think about it. :)

  7. Well.. I think that was clever… make your own paper if you don’t have it… LOVE it.. BUT yikes all that clean up…the last picture is priceless.. you soo need to keep that and show them when they have their own kids :-)

  8. Well kids that age, they are pretty creative and it’s hard to fault them for that! Of course, this is pretty easy for me to say about my cute and clever grand kids, not always the case when my kids were home with me and doing clever stuff day in and day out! :-)

  9. I love how they put their thinking caps on and were able to figure out a way to have red paper, LOL.

    I know it was messy but they get points in my book for being creative.

  10. It is definitely true that parents have to be weary of quiet kids. I remember years ago my two boys were being really quiet in my room when they were supposed to be watching cartoons. It turns out they found my makeup bag and used my red lipstick to draw hieroglyphics all over my new mattress.

  11. Good job mom! I’m impressed that they thought of this on their own. This brings to mind the quote “Pick your battles”. Again, good job mom!


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