India Pictures: Things I saw today


Here are a few things I saw in India today. Indian Pictures – Mostly random but every day I pass by so many colorful things but fail to notice because my head is down watching for dog poop and covered up because of the rain I’m under an umbrella. But today it wasn’t too rainy. Except for one (guess which!) these are things I see daily.

keep clean - take your shoes off outside
Shoes outside the kid’s school. Most small schools are shoe free as are a lot of small stores.
My son decided he wanted to try driving. I had the key
marathi class
My kids started Marathi class today. My son fell asleep in class. My daughter got a little drowsy so we ended a bit early
Stray dogs are a common sight. Someone passed by and gave them some old chapati and the dogs were happy. Note the growth on this dog. I will keep watch a few days but this appears to be an abandoned pet.

All in all we are adjusting to India well but each day has its issues. Tomorrow I’m going for my first pedicure since we’ve been here. My toes need it. I may just snap an after photo – I’m not sure if you all want to see the before photo! I’m in flip flops constantly due to the wet weather and while I wash my feet when I come home (don’t want to bring the poop and trash run off into the home!) the fact is India pictures is one thing and my dirty and calloused feet are an entirely different thing!

Happy almost Wednesday and while I wish I had a photo of it I didn’t come across any breastfeeding photos for world breastfeeding week. Perhaps tomorrow for wordless wednesday. While I am nursing I’m not doing any selfies ha!

Have a great day :)

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  1. I love the pictures from your life in India! However, I kind of want to swoop in and rescue all the stray dogs. :-( Every pup should have a forever home and be loved.

  2. I could live barefoot–but the way you describe the street in India I kind of think maybe I would wear boots there! And I certainly do not like the way they treat animals at all!

  3. I think I would have a hard time living in India. I know that I would adjust, but in the beginning, it would be hard. I hope you find the time to enjoy a pedicure.


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