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India’s Holiday Season and Mall Madness – Pic Heavy


Welcome to India’s Holiday Season

me and bobby mcgee
Dinner on Independence Day

India’s Independence Day was celebrated yesterday and is part of 3-4 months of Holidays here in India. Eid also occurred and varies on lunar timing but that kicked off celebration time for India for this year. Since Independence Day  was a day off for my husband and  our kids went with my inlaw’s to enjoy time with their paternal grandparents we had a day to ourselves. From what I hear the kids had a great time – having been present in traditional clothes for a flag hoisting (where my daughter won an award for traditional dress – I sent her along with a sari) followed by a day at the zoo. So far we are all surviving. I was happy to get a new cell phone and took some photos to show just what Black Friday must seem like to outsiders. sometimes contain affiliate links

Oh sibling love – mostly we have sibling rivalry but these two will celebrate Raksha Bandhan this weekend in advance of the Holiday this Wednesday (Full moon)

We visited a popular mall as we wanted to grab a few gifts for raksha bandhan which is coming up this coming week (Wednesday). When we pick up the kiddos this weekend – my daughter will give bracelets to her brothers (traditionally India had joint families so first cousins to the west are considered brothers/sisters here) and the brothers give gifts to the sisters. Because my kiddos aren’t quite used to the imbalance so to speak (the day is really for brothers and sisters to honor the “protection” and love that brothers give sisters) we also have a small gift for our three year old boy.

So here’s what the mall looked like.


Mall Madness – Lots of non-shoppers enjoying the lengthy India’s India’s Holiday season.

While I don’t condone it – I do see why malls may see it as necessary to charge admission to the malls. In fact there was quite a stir over Eid as one mall in Hyderabad had charged admission (20 rupees – around 33 cents). Is it fair to charge admission during a religious holiday? I guess we shall see if that same thi ng occurs at the same mall during Diwali. But it is India’s Holiday Season – whether you are reading for dancing and drummers in the streets or not – here it is.


We spent some time in Reliance Trends because they had a er buy 1947 – get 1947 free deal. Plus my husband gets a discount and points. After we found some things we saw the line and darted to Reliance Time Out. They had 80% off most everything. This is what Black Friday at the Toy aisle looks like. There were plenty of people hording and we came out with a good start on Christmas as well as some roller skates for our daughter “from” our son. Tmime Out also has books – on Monday I did enough damage with 70% off – having purchased 57 items. Yep – I am good on books for a while! Yes – the kids each got one for now – three to earn and another good set for Christmas or Diwali.


A few days before toys were 25% off and this place was packed. People seriously had MOUNDS of toys they were buying. Black Friday had nothing on these lines

We also made it to a sporting goods store to find a potential gift for R to his sister-cousin and I also got some new sandals. I have some lovely Old Navy ones from my friend Jamie and with the slime and grime – slipping is around every corner – so I finally have some shoes with grip :)


We then ended the evening with dinner at Goa Portuguesa – their live English/Hindi/Portuguese music was enjoyed and I picked “Me And Bobby McGee
” for our song. (Photo above)


We got home late and I entirely forgot that it wasn’t weekend – back to work today for my husband and dusting fans for me today :)

Oh I walked the 1.5 Km along mostly okay footpaths (that’s what they call side walks here) for some Chinese food today – heard some Sinead O’Connor) and heard a kitten that I couldn’t fine. Saw plenty of stray dogs (none eating poop today at least) as well as some cranes and a wild pig.

Just having some lunch in the nala (wash/gutter).

Now to plan for Ganpati festival. Major traffic jam time and the hope for Dubai over that break is now gone. :(


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  1. Wow this is such a cool story…it is amazing how different things really are in different places. What an enlightening read! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow – you were busy that day. Paying for admission to the mall, not sure about that! But I rarely go there so it wouldn’t matter to me. Thanks for sharing more about life in India!


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