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Keen and Clean: Keeping a House Full of Kids Intact


When you’re running around taking care of kids, it’s hard to keep the house clean and in one piece. Having an organized space is essential to being productive and many people tend to freak out a bit if their personal space is slightly messy, so keeping your house clean should be something parents aspire to. You don’t have to spend every day scrubbing down the place like a professional carpet cleaner or housekeeper, but some simple tricks can make sure that your house will stay relatively clean and organized, despite your child’s best efforts.

Getting Organized

Get rid of things you don’t need, and stop buying anything that you don’t require. That may sound simple, but it’s impossible to keep a clean house when you’re drowning in clutter. The first step is to get rid of anything that you don’t use often, including toys, old clothes and books. Involve your children in this purge so that you don’t accidentally throw away a treasured toy (you’ll never hear the end of it, otherwise!). Many parents are surprised by how much stuff most kids are willing to discard, since most children today have much more than they actually desire (and some might say than they need). Once this main purge is over, the next challenge is to stop the build-up of new clutter, so seriously consider any purchases that may start the cycle again.

Let Kids Help

Implement an organizational philosophy and help your kids apply it to their daily lives. Toys on the ground are cluttered and messy, but toys in a basket are organized and neat. The simpler and easier clean-up after playtime is, the more likely it is that your child will stick to it. For an even more systematic approach, have similar items grouped together. You could, say, have a box for puzzles, one for Lego bricks (it’ll also stop you from standing on them barefoot!) and one for dolls and their accessories, which helps everything stay tidy. Reward your child for using the system, and don’t be the one caught cleaning up all the time.

Assign room chores that your kids have to do each evening, such as using the carpet cleaner and picking up dirty laundry. This will be much more painless than doing it weekly and you’ll be less stressed that your kid’s room is a pigsty.

Staying ahead of the curve in terms of dirt and clutter is the key to keeping on top of household mess. Apply these tips and you can enjoy your home.

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  1. We are thinking we may move into a smaller place so we are getting rid of lots of things we really don’t need and probably never needed. I have older children, but I am having them help me by deciding if they want my junk or not.

  2. Having kids help out is key. I have struggled with trying to get my boys to clean for years. I recently discovered they seem to do well with cleaning – I just have to turn it into a game for them. I give them each a bag and whoever cleans up the most trash wins. The game doesnt stop until everything is picked up/cleaned up and each one is worth a point. At the end I tell them that they have both tied and give them a healthy reward. It’s a win-win situation!

  3. I can totally relate because my boys are always making messes and I’m constantly trying to keep up with the housework. I think my husband is even worse than the kids when it comes to making messes.

  4. My kids are teens and I make sure they help me clean the house even though they would much rather do anything else!

  5. I love the idea of letting kids help out. I’ve found that this goes a long way in keeping my house livable. Things like “Who wants to be my helper?” really make my kids feel like they’re being “big boys.”

  6. I started my son young. I was in the military when I had my son so I ran a pretty tight ship at the house. Now that he is 6 I don’t even have to ask he puts his toys away and keeps his room and playroom nice and neat.

  7. Though my kids are grown, the grandbabies visit often– and honestly, my husband is just a big kid, these tips are helpful to me as well. My mantra for this year is decluttering and getting organized :)

  8. My kids each have things to do in the house, their room for starters and two other jobs they need to help out on. It’s tough to keep the house clean but with their help it’s easier

  9. It’s nice that you have the tips up. I agree if you make things easier for the kiddos that’s a big benefit to everyone (especially the kids). :)

  10. I think if kids are given the responsibility and made to follow through on keeping something clean and organized, it usually stays that way a lot longer.

    I declutter once or twice a year. Clutter is one thing that stresses me so I make sure I don’t have to deal with it.

  11. Lol. Great post. Now that my girls are older, they each have a nightly chore. Although the place is not perfect, it is much better then the adults doing it alone :)


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