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I’ll be a stay-at-home mom


Thank you to all the readers out there who’ve followed me through the past few years of blogging. I’m at that point now – just need to turn in my badge, phone and computer and I’m done – done being a working mom.

No, this isn’t my blogger closing letter :) This is the realization setting in that I’ll be a stay-at-home mom.

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Now I know ALL moms work, I know that. So puh-lease, no attitude on that :) The fact is, I’ve been telecommuting for the past almost five years, I’ve grown a lot. I’ve learned, I’ve lead projects, but at the same time I’ve missed some points of being “just” a mom. The point came for me when my daughter said that a teacher last year thought our au pair was her mommy and it made her sad. So, I teetered and finally the decision was made for me – the big lay off.
The “thank you” to my old co-workers who are staying on went out via email and I guess it is done. Monday will be different. I won’t wake up and turn on my laptop – instead, I can wake up, perhaps make my husband some tea. Do drop offs and picks ups myself, see my daughter’s dance classes. (I did catch a few of those these past few weeks of transition… Apparently all the moms are already friends.) Perhaps I’ll keep up on laundry. I’m not sure exactly what, but the time is here for me to make the transition from full time corporate mom to “just” mom.

I’m lucky that I was already thinking about this before it happened. I’m lucky that I was given notice and transition time. I’m lucky that my husband is employed and we’ll be okay in that arena. I’m lucky and thankful for the experience I had and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Keep following my journey, I may just have a call out for help a few weeks from now when the reality truly sets in!



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  1. I’ve been so glad to be a stay at home mom over the years. I wish you wonderful blessings as you start this new adventure! It truly is an adventure.


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