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List of baby carrier wraps Made in India


There seems to be a large and growing attachment parenting community in India! This is great! Of course parents love to hold and snuggle their children, but when I first wore my daughter in India, I was “shamed” by a middle class lady who told me only poor families and those from the northeast of India wore their babies. Um, classist and regionalist much? Anyway, with the popularity of baby wearing and cloth diapering in India, I’ve come up with this list of Indian baby wearing companies that are based in India, as well as a continued list of cloth diaper India.

Indian Baby Wearing Companies

The following is a non-exhaustive list of babywearing companies in India. I do not indicate that they are good or bad, or not. I try to only choose real companies with ergonomic carriers, but please be aware that you need to do your own research on each company.

  • Almitra Tatra – is made at home
  • Anmol Wraps – is an established Indian baby wearing brand, made by artisans selected by the owner who is a veteran baby wearer
  • Dulaar Baby carriers – appears to be a facebook only store
  • Kol Kol Baby Carrier – Is a mass produced India brand found by a mother
  • Reshma Custom Creations – is a facebook only store
  • Soul Slings – is one of the first Indian “brands” for baby wearing

There are plenty of traditions of baby wearing in India, and I’m happy to see more middle and upper class families choosing to stay connected to their children and baby wearing. By supporting baby wearing, you’re supporting families as well. As it becomes more popular and more accepted, I’m sure this list of babywearing brands in India will continue to expand. If you know of additional baby wearing companies with made in India and are ergonomic, please comment and I’ll add it to the list.

Baby wearing is important for bonding, and since strollers aren’t easy to use in India it is even more convenient than you’d think! You need that hand to stop traffic, right?!

happy babywearing!

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  1. I’m loving that baby wearing is the latest thing!!!! When my daughter was itty bitty it wasn’t as accepted as it is now. Kinda jealous about that!


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