Formula companies shouldn’t use bloggers to break the WHO code

I’d had a post up for a month listing blogs I had personally chose to not follow anymore due to their support of companies breaking the WHO code for the marketing of breastmilk substitutes. Afterwhich, I advised the bloggers via their FB page that I had decided to unfollow them because of this.
It was not a call to action.

I am human – I have teetered on whether or not I should use coupon dot com on my blog and I am considering that removal since there are often formula coupons on there.

If someone uses formula that is their choice. BUT, again, Nestle and other companies tactically use bloggers to break the WHO Code.

Read through information on formula marketing tactics. We all have our “things” that makes us tick… this is mine.

Governments have found that when they’ve allowed direct advertising like we have in the US, breastfeeding rates decrease drastically. This is why many countries and the WHO and UNICEF ascertain that women shouldn’t be given free formula or marketed to directly. Most of us posting here, reading blogs, have access to clean water to mix formula with…. We have the ability to find resources if necessary… the women who are manipulated and are told in marketing campaigns that breast milk is not as good as formula (different than the ads we currently see in most of the western world), is the issue.

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  1. I understand you don't like formula, but I don't think it is fair to list these blogs as bad because they post deals on formula. Whether to breast feed or formula feed is a personal decision and has nothing to do with whether a blogger posts these deals or not.

  2. I find this posting somewhat hypocritically considering that at the top of your blog you post, "it may not be yours, it doesn't mean one is more right or more wrong". I think that telling people that these mom blogs are unfollowed because they market formula is unfair. You may not like formula, but that doesn't mean other's don't. And have you forgotten that some people CAN'T breastfeed? I tried hard as I could and it didn't work. I didn't produce. I even pumped to try to keep things going and it just didn't work. So please, just because you don't agree with it, don't bash the sites that offer coupons for formula…I would have loved coupons while I was, yes, formula feeding. If you say that your choices are your choices, and it doesn't mean one is more right or wrong…this post by you doesn't support that philosophy.

  3. Part of your quote on your blog
    " It may not be yours, it doesn't mean one is more right or more wrong, just different." is contradicting by having a

    "List of Unfollowed Mom Blogs due to marketing of formula"

  4. How dare you judge a blog that helps out families who may for reasons beyond their control not be able to breast feed their children. Whether you chose to do it or not you contradict yourself by posting this on your blog. I hope these blogs get more and more readers and yours shoots down because of this judgemental post. I hope your children never find out that you are so judgemental because when it comes time for them to have a child they may not be able to breast feed and you don't want them to know the real judgemental you

  5. With all of the horrible, abusive, neglectful parents in this country weather they or fed from bottle or breast I'm just happy the parents care enough to feed and care for their child And everyone needs to save money.

  6. Wow!!! I cannot believe the hypocrisy and the judgemental attitude. I personally would never follow this site!!! Coupon Hauls is one of my favorite sites and I think they do a wonderful job at offering coupons for everything, including formula!!!!! There are families that need these coupons. What is an adoptive Mom to do, for example???????? You should be ashamed!

  7. I would never follow this blog after reading your post about formula. Nestle kills babies? Seriously? Not much profit if you kill off your customers, is there? I'm surprised you haven't blamed President Obama for something here, too. You can't be that hypocritical and then call yourselves 'gentle.' PFFFT. Posting against blogs who offer coupons on baby formula. Get real.

  8. I have to agree with all of the above posters. I did breastfeed my 3 children, with varying levels of success- and I would highly encourage everyone to at least give it a shot. I could list the many wonderful benefits of breastfeeding, but that would be preaching to the choir, and also not the point of this post.

    I find it unfair and extremely judgmental that you would ask your readers to boycott couponing and giveaway blogs because they pass along freebies from formula companies.

    In our country, we are able to make informed decisions as to what is best for our families. You have stated what works for yours, and what you feel is best.
    In fact, you have stated, and I quote, "it may not be yours, it doesn't mean one is more right or more wrong, just different." and you are "A woman who has decided to make researched decisions for her family" and you "choose to tandem nurse and allow for child-led weaning…But for our family, this is the right choice."

    Please give other women the choice to make an informed decision as to what works best for all members of their family. You are essentially censoring information, and acting as if women cannot decide these things for themselves. If my heart is set on breastfeeding, a $2 coupon on formula isn't going to lure me away from my goal. A pretty diaper bag isn't going to bring me to the dark side.

    And, plain and simple, there are many women who formula feed. Either they can't breast feed, or they have difficulties, or they need an occasional supplement, or they just plain don't want to. Do these women still not deserve respect and equal treatment? Do they not deserve the chance to save money on the items they are purchasing? Are we not smart enough to make our own researched decisions, just like you do? And in that same vein, should you be telling women to ignore everything on these couponing pages, simply because they pass on savings to the high number of formula feeding moms?

  9. Hi this is Amee from Madame Deals. YOu have a right to your opinion on breast feeding verses formula feeding. You do not have a right to request people do not follow my site. You have 24 hours ot remove my blog name or you will hear form my lawyer this is slander. Have a nice day!

  10. use your head this is so unbelievable to me and so rude i couldnt breast feed so does that mean that i should have my kids taken away and second i dont think that formula kills i have 6 kids and they all are growing up just fine and third of all if it killed do you really think moms would buy it. I think since you have a blog with names of people not to visit or join that we should all put this blog on do not visit they are hypocrites and judgemental

  11. Ah now see I find your attitude CHILDISH. See when my daughter was little I DID breast feed her and she got LOTS of breast milk. Problem was she also needed formula supplements to gain weight and even then it was hard for her to gain and maintain. So had it not been for coupons back then I know we would have had some really tough financial times. Not only that there are some that cannot breastfeed do to other medial conditions and you have NO right to judge how anyone else chooses to feed their child. I for one would never ever read another of your blogs.

  12. Really? I tried to breastfeed all three of my boys for various reasons I either couldn't or could for only a short time. I guess in your opinion I'm a bad mom. I never would follow this page, however I do follow the rest.

  13. I agree with some that have posted above. You are a hypocrite. Your tag line is: it may not be yours, it doesn't mean one is more right or more wrong, just different.

    You clearly don't believe your own words, and you give attachment parenting a bad name. You are blessed with the ability to make milk and breastfeed your children. Some women aren't as lucky. Why shouldn't those women be given an opportunity to save money? What if coupons helped them save enough money to stay home with their kids instead of working?

    You're kind of awful. :(

  14. I am with the others. I cannot believe you posted this. I have 4 kids, could not breast feed 3 because I just did not produce enough milk and the 4th I had to supplement with formula. The blogs posting about formula are just posting deals they find! That is what they do! I hope you would gain a conscience and take this post down and apologize for this!

  15. I can't believe what I'm hearing. It's like twilight zone. Are you kidding me? So what if someone doesn't want to breastfeed. OMG, what business is that of anyone's.Ya,some people don't want to and some people do. Neither is right or wrong. Some do, some don't, some people are gay, some are not, some people starve their children, some don't. Gee, the best mothers in the world don't breastfeed and the best mothers in the world do. I want formula coupons, it is my right, Don't like it, move to russia.

  16. Whether a person breast feeds or bottle feeds (there MAY be circumstances that PREVENT breast feeding such as: Cancer treatments, medications, etc., or would you prefer to have babies very ill from such things as cancer treatments or medications etc, bet you never gave that a thought now did you?) Does NOT give your blog the right to slander others that post deals on formula. I suppose you here at this blog NEVER thought of some reasons why a mother may opt to bottle feeding. Another thing it's none of no ones business either. But to list blogs that help those that decide for whatever reason to bottle-feed gives you no flipping right to condemn them.

  17. Well, thank you! I will be following all of the blacklisted blogs! What is wrong with you? So if a woman has to formula feed, you think she should have to struggle to pay for it? And let's be realistic here…women don't choose to formula feed because of good marketing on the part of formula companies. Women who are breastfeeding don't stop because Enfamil lured them over….use your brain! Maybe I'll do a formula giveaway now….along with a nice post supporting all the mothers who do formula feed!

  18. Well, thank you! I will be following all of the blacklisted blogs! What is wrong with you? So if a woman has to formula feed, you think she should have to struggle to pay for it? And let's be realistic here…women don't choose to formula feed because of good marketing on the part of formula companies. Women who are breastfeeding don't stop because Enfamil lured them over….use your brain! Maybe I'll do a formula giveaway now….along with a nice post supporting all the mothers who do formula feed!

  19. I follow all those blogs, I love them and all they do <3

    My best friend had to use formula due to the fact her body did not produce milk.

    Sometimes you can't help what life does.

    Pro-choice c:

  20. I hope you have woken up and realized how hypocritical this post is of yours. Madame Deals is not speaking ill of anyone or anything. They are in fact helping anyone who wishes to accept it. Please remove your "unfollow pages" piece. Be Kind!

    p.s. I will not be following a blog who promotes negativity!

  21. So if a women has lost her breasts to cancer she is a bad mom for formula feeding? What is she suppose to feed her baby then, steak and potatoes?
    "it doesn't mean one is more right or more wrong, just different."

    You are ignorant, judgmental and a hypocrite.

  22. I encourage all the Blog name to get together and sue this site for slander. It is one thing to have a freedom of speech but another to slander one's identity and name. I have never read a blog on this site before this negativity was brought to my attention by a blogger I truly LOVE and can not THANK each and every blogger on that list for the times you all helped put not only food in my kids belly but mine too. This really is a shame someone has to be this cold heated and naive to judge their fellow bloggers.
    I want all you bloggers to know I have donated this last year to family's that are less fortunate and have directed them to your site's so they to can have access & Freedom from the feeling of heartache and failure. It kills us parents to watch our kids go without. You bloggers mean so much more to all of us then you will ever know here in my town. I will never be able to thank you enough…I just keep trying to pay it forward 😉
    O'did I mention that my kids where bottle fed, due to the condition I had that almost took my life when I had my daughter….I was lucky enough to be alive to stick that bottle in her mouth. I would not have change that for a minute.
    O'did I mention I still held and snuggled her close to my breast as I bottle fed her and sang her lullabies.
    This site owes all of us women an apology.
    I want the person who wrote this to walk one day in my shoes(I PICK) the day I almost died giving birth to my daughter 11 years ago at the age of 17. Then when you awake to find out everything that just happened and the fact you are even lucky to be here.
    *I will say, you will stop taking life for granted; as you are now.
    Thank You Amber N.

  23. WoW! Way to put a gigantic target on your back and kill you blog!! There are going to be A LOT of pissed off people gunning for you!!

    Sometimes breast feeding is not an option, and for those that need to buy formula it is mind blowing how expensive it is. If a blog posts coupons for formula in order to save others money GOD BLESS THEM!!

    You dear are just rude and I hope someone sues your ass off this my dear is slander!

    Can't wait to watch you blog go down in flames!!

    Who wants to join me in posting an anti follow post regarding this lady? email me!

    Moms Bookshelf & More

  24. And what would you suggest an adoptive parent feed their baby? What about the babies in foster care? And how about the babies being cared for by family because the mother is behind bars. And just what about the single dads that are left to care for their newborn baby alone because the mother tragically passed away during child birth?

    There is a laundry list of reasons people choose to and need to formula feed.

    Do you think these folks should choose not to feed their infants?

  25. Sitting back waiting to see what will happen when Nestle and their team of lawyers see that you tagged them with "Nestle kills babies." I think people unfollowing this blog might be the least of it's owner's problems.

    *pulls up a chair and some popcorn"

    FYI – I am not a coupon blog, but if I were I would TOTALLY post coupons for formula. :) So, feel free to unfollow me, too.


  26. Why would I EVER want to follow anything you say? Why would anyone put any value in your blog posts when you are so critical and hypocritical. You are a disgrace to mothers everywhere, especially AP moms!

  27. Lame and petty. If you are a mom, behave as an adult. Making a list and going against other mom's who believe differently as you is childish.

  28. Your blog is a joke, I can't belive what I read? I did not breast feed! My choice. You are just crazy…and to selectivly vaccinate??? Do you know your child can get real sick? Don't like being judged, then you should not judge others. This blog will not last!!

  29. Wow I cannot believe the amount of scathing judgement being passed in this post, just unbelievable. There are MANY reasons why mothers cannot breastfeed and seriously your opinion is your own, should you be slandering other bloggers for doing the same, having an opinion? Absolutely not. I'm sure you shot yourself in the foot with this one.

  30. This is probably one of the worst things I have seen since I started couponing. I personally could not breast feed my son past 4 months, because I had two choices, lose use of my arm, or get injections of a medication my son could ingest through breast milk. What a judgmental person to try to tell other women what they can do, I bet you fight to keep others out of your parental rights, why don't you stay out of ours.

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  32. I love Enfamil coupons! Gimme more! Gimme more!

    I am a MOM…. a woman that was given baby formula as a child. I am now a Graduate student with an MBA and have a successful career and happy, healthy family. I also praise women that breastfeed, although I chose to formula feed. I am a MOM that understands, respects, and VALUES the opinions and rights of other moms. I am not a dirtbag. SNARK SNARK!

  33. Amanda McMahon~
    Thank You
    Bottle Feeding Mom In Washington

  34. Thank you for all the comments. The point of this is not the bloggers but Nestle and other companies – they break the WHO code and use bloggers and especially coupon sites to continue breaking the WHO code.

    Formula is at times necessary, I do understand that. But, Enfamil and Nestle are both knowingly breaking WHO code. I love my fellow bloggers, but I do not like the tactics used to encourage women to not make their own goals.

  35. I didn't want to comment but seeing your post…at least stick by your guns and don't make up lies!!! You aren't against the bloggers? You are really for them? What utter CRAP! If you were against the companies you would make posts against them (and give evidence as well….). But you didn't. You are attacking what could be these women's lively hood. You love your fellow bloggers? That just makes me laugh. Come on we are not morons. We have brains and we use them! We can see past you. I wasn't sure you were on the up and up on morals when I first came to your site. I came to get more information on baby wearing. I thought maybe it was just the way it came off. But no. You really are the horrible and think you are so superior to everyone else. If you LOVED your fellow bloggers, then this post would never have crossed your mind. And if it had, you would have stopped before hitting post. But you didn't. No matter what moms make a choice. For whatever reason they make that choice they do. And if for no other reason then they want to feed formula then god bless them. Same for breastfeeding. Or child weaning. Or anything other then abuse. You obviously have a chip on your shoulder and that's basically what the whole blog is about. If you care about what you claim to, then stop and realize what you are doing and how you are coming about it.

  36. This makes me sad. You are being so rude and judge MENTAL. Formula saved all 3 of my precious babies life's. I tried so hard to breast feed, for some unknown reason my body NEVER produced breast milk ( not for any of my 3 children.) It is an honor to breast feed your children. I wish I could have but it didn't work for me. Therefor I am grateful to the mothers who put time and effort into posting about coupons to HELP others out. Not to judge them or ridicule them for not believing the way your narrow mind does. This really makes me sad you would ban and advertise about banning a blog because they support formula. I really think this must be a joke or something. No one really lacks this much common sense and empathy. Maybe just looking for attention. Can't get positive attention so is needing something, suppose negative will suffice?

  37. And now I'm even more upset! How on Earth is making a black list and TELLING PEOPLE TO UNFOLLOW the bloggers NOT a call to action? Unfollowing is action!! Stop bac kpeddling with lies and just accept responsibility for what you did. Lies get no respect.

  38. Well if you'd like to be against nestle and enfamil, keep THOSE posts but APOLOGIZE to the fellow bloggers you 'so love' that you black listed and hurt THEIR lively hood. How rude is that to do to people you 'love and support' that's NOT SUPPORT.
    It's hate.
    As for the WHO code..
    As for that code. it's outdated and has never once taken into account the diets of the children or mothers that would be affected.
    Adopted mothers, mothers who have gone through cancer, those who cannot produce, who choose not to breastfeed (As is their MOTHERLY right), was NEVER taken into account by WHO.
    And if you'd like to go into TERMS broken..
    Allow me to point out that blacklisted blogs, are technically a hate crime / slander and against BLOGGER (Copywrite Google) user code!
    Do you realize how many times over your blog has probably been reported and sent back into Google?
    And you're worried about a WHO code? Honestly?
    Oh and SIDE NOTE:
    (Taken from the WHO code page that YOU linked)
    The US government has formally given the Code to U.S. manufactures of breast-milk substitutes along with the government's perspectives on the impact of the Code on those companies. All three major manufacturers have their own code of conduct where the marketing of infant formula is concerned and all three have declared that they will abide by the International Code when doing business in developing countries, while review their practices in industrialized countries.
    Missed that section? REVIEWING which means NOT FINALIZED.
    As someone who was born preemie, and who's mother couldn't produce and I am alive because of formula You make me both sad and annoyed that you have no respect for your fellow mothers, women or bloggers.

  39. Don't you think your time and effort could be better spent informing people and at the same time supporting those who want/need to use formula/coupons? Coupons are a way of life for many and for you to ask people to ban certain bloggers simply because YOU disagree with something they post and then go on a rant, is dangerous, slanderous and fraudulent. If you disagree with them, why not keep your opinions to YOURSELF and let people decide for themselves. Your OPINION is not the gospel and your site is not the bible either. Have a great day!

  40. I had wanted to breastfeed, but when my daughter came early (two months, one week, and a day), that choice was taken from me when my milk dried up. I tried everything I could; teas for milk production, pumping every two hours, you name it, I tried it. I was, however, lucky enough to gather eight ounces, and those eight contained the colustrum. After that, while she was in Childrens' Hospital, and afterward, we depended on formula. I was sent home with twentyfour four ounce bottles of premixed preemie formula, with no invitation to return for more when I needed it, no coupons for dry mix, and no idea where to find more.
    I am in no wag "dissing" you for your opinion regarding formula coupons, amd I feel everyone has a right to their opinion, spoken or blogged. I certainly feel robbed of the right to have breastfed my daughter, it is wonderful bonding time. But there are those of us who don't have the choice, sometimes.

  41. While it's certainly your view to follow or not follow a blog based on their personal views, to publicly decry them is another matter. As somebody who may or may not be able to succeed at breastfeeding with my next child, I fully invite you to unfollow me. I don't want a follower who judges me entirely on how my child is fed. It's time to stop this ridiculous war – if a child is fed, who cares how?

  42. So, apparently MY blog was one that was named here, that you have since removed, because apparently you can't stand up for what you believe in.

    I CAN stand up for what I believe in! I am anti-vaccination, pro-breastfeeding and practice Attachment Parenting! But you know what? I was not ABLE to breastfeed for very long, 6 months was the longest of my 6 kids and it was a struggle and heartache the entire time. I went to donor milk, but it was expensive.

    I refuse to let my baby starve! So if they needed formula, I am giving it to them! And why the hell would I pay full price for it if there are coupons out there to make it very cheap and/or FREE!?

    If you think that all women have the ability to breastfeed, then you are sorely mistaken! Why should their babies starve, because you feel that bloggers shouldn't post about coupons that will feed their children?

    Freetail Therapy
    Eco-Friendly Frugal Living

  43. The quickest way to alienate your core audience and cause your opinion to be disregarded is to attack someone else. I take your post as a personal slap in the face. I take medicines to live & couldn't breastfeed. For the record, my kids are fabulously healthy, thank God, & honor students. I thank God for the formula companies who put such good nutrients in their formulas. They are a blessing to moms like me.

  44. Wow – I personally cannot have children due to medical reasons. It's my choice to not have children and to not risk passing on my illness to them. Should people boycott my children's blog because of this?

    I would LOVE to adopt or foster care children & give them the love I cannot give my own – am I not allowed to have children since financially I would have to have coupons to afford to feed them.

    Please consider how your words will affect someone else – there are many women HURTING because they cannot feed their children naturally. Others like my friend cannot pump at work – unless she wants to do it in an unsanitary bathroom stall. She cried when she had to give up trying (she couldn't keep up supplying her son naturally and needed formula to supplement his milk).

    Please think about what you're doing….

    Tina 'the book lady'

  45. "the women who are manipulated and are told in marketing campaigns that breast milk is not as good as formula (different than the ads we currently see in most of the western world), is the issue."

    I am pretty sure 98% of these women's blog audience is in the US. If this was suppose to be an apology to these women it sucked almost as bad as your original post did. You have reaffirmed my opinion that you are judgmental, a hypocrite and an idiot.

  46. My name is Carla From Coupon Nurse I Want my name off your site immediatly!!! I will be calling a lawyer this is slander! there are MEDICAL REASONS Why some CAN NOT Breast FEED!!! I can't believe your ignorance! Remove my name from your post TODAY!!!

  47. I did remove all blog names (again, there's more than one coupon nurse though, so maybe it wasn't you- after all I had no links…)

    I intend to focus on the companies and it has been said. Sorry you woke up and logged on after this all went down. But again, read above, I did take it down.

    As for those claiming it is defamation, you've been misinformed. Tactless perhaps, but I made a post of those I have unfollowed because of direct formula marketing. Defamation has to be false. The information was true. If the information was false, then it could possibly libel. But again, the information was true. You love saving people money – so continue to do that – I just personally. Slander is when it is spoken, so again, no case.

    There is nothing in these posts that says anything about moms who have to or choose to use formula. I was formula fed. Not exactly healthy and I'm sure most of you are saying I'm not fine, but that's you and your choice – I'm not blocking comments – I'm allow you all to make accusations about me as a person – where as none of my posts have been to PEOPLE it was BLOGS who posted free formula, which has been taken down.

    Instead of giving me more hits over the last day than the last week, continue to find people savings.

  48. "Slander is when it is spoken, so again, no case"
    Actually, you are wrong about that. Slander includes written words, so they do have a case.

    As for me, I physacally was unable to breast feed, and it broke my heart. I tried hard with both of my sons, but the fact that my 2 year old is bigger then a 4 year old, and my 7 year old looks like he's 10 and they are both in PERFECT health, must be a lie, huh?

    As for your comment, "where as none of my posts have been to PEOPLE it was BLOGS who posted free formula" If you attack a blog, you attack the writers. I don't know if you live in your own little world or what, but I think it's time for you to look at the real world, the one people live in ever single day and realize that you are NOT perfect.
    Then I think you need to issue a REAL apology to the bloggers you posted about and not the bs you're posting so far.

  49. What about choice, ladies? The choice to NOT go to a blog based on a recommendation. The choice to breastfeed or not, the choice to use free formula or not. Choices are good!

    Here's my story: Trouble nursing #1 (flat nipples, who knew?!), nursed while pregnant and tandemed with 2 and 3, lost track somewhere in there because I've now nursed 5 kids and have been doing it 11 years straight and am still going. With #5, he went straight to the NICU for meconium aspiration. I was heartbroken that I could not nurse him and I got an infection and couldn't make milk for over a week to pump or nurse. I gladly took that free formula and then when he got home slowly weaned off the formula. But that's just me. I had a determination to get him on the boob like my others had been. He'll be 3 in October and is still going. So it's about choice AND determination and sometimes some women just can't nurse or don't want to for whatever reason (past sexual abuse, etc.).

    So I don't really care who uses formula or not. I don't care who posts about it. Those who need it will seek it out. You do, however, have the right to post any blogs you don't like. I'm sorry, that's just freedom of speech there.

    Thanks for letting me rant!

  50. Slander? Ladies, please. Really? Go concentrate on your blog's content and leave this one behind.

    BTW, author of this blog, someone said you put a target on your back. GREAT! That is what blogging is all about. I've gotten more people pissed off at me than I care to count. Thank God you are REAL.

  51. One problem with this:
    where as none of my posts have been to PEOPLE it was BLOGS who posted free formula, which has been taken down.
    ^ People run those blogs. While I respect your free voice and opinion, the fact it was YOUR personal choice to not follow blogs, didn't give you the right to black list women who are earning a pay same as you.
    You didn't take the list down out of the good of your heart, or you wouldn't have posted it in the first place either. You pulled it down because while it got you hits, it also got you more flack than you liked.
    And yes, a slander case since you are going against them for their own personal views.
    Deal with the fact you should have never posted this.
    And as real as you are, you did attack PEOPLE not their BLOGS. There are people behind every opinion here and you can't escape that fact. You also can't escape that your own views do not match everyone else and just as you have aright to post whatever sales, giveaways and freebies you want, so do they. You're not the WHO police, and I can tell you aren't their mother either, so any influence is gone.

  52. So she has an ad for Enfamil. You all know how AdSense works, so that was a low blow. I have BlogHer ads, so I can choose that, for instance, I don't want ads for lingerie on my site. I also have AdSense and haven't checked in to how to keep certain ads off there.

    Also, her blog doesn't strike me as one where she is trying to make a bunch of cash!


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