WHO Code and Baby Friendly Initiative Information

What is “WHO” friendly? The World Health Organization, along with UNICEF, believe and support full term breastfeeding. They also have codes which help to guide people, professionals such as doctors, and companies toward ensuring families can breastfeed.  The Baby Friendly Initiative is a collaboration between UNICEF and WHO that supports non-medical reasons for introduction of formula within hospitals.

Why should we all support WHO code and BFI?

An estimated 1.3 million lives are lost each year due to inadequate exclusive breastfeeding and another 600 thousand from lack of continuation of breastfeeding with proper complementary feeding. (UNICEF)
There are a variety of reasons for the WHO Code on Breastmilk substances. In addition, there are many booby traps which prevent women from reaching their breastfeeding goals.
While the US “Baby-Friendly USA” has a few differences to the International Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, it is considered the standard maker for helping hospitals implement this initiative. The 10 steps remain the same.
baby friendly initiative
There are 10 steps to being a baby-friendly hospital, but there is more to it behind the scenes, including formula labels being hidden from public.

Read more about WHO and UNICEF baby friendly initiatives.

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