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Make your own tutu size chart


The sizing for a make your own Tutu  can be difficult to determine. I’ve made this cheat sheet for make your own tutu size chart to help you determine how much ribbon and tulle you will need for a tutu.

First determine are you making a tie on tutu or a slip on tutu.

Below are the approximate sizings you’ll need for a “short” tie-on tutu. Many people generally use 20” for any thing above size 2T, but I find that limits when the child gets bigger. Of course all children are built differently but the below guideline will be useful.

tutu sizing make your own
General guidelines for sizing for make your own tutu, using 6” wide tulle

A general guideline is elastic the size of the waist.

Tulle should be 2-4” longer than the waist.

Ribbon should be around double the waist.

Using 6” ribbon, you’ll need approximately 1 set of colors per inch of waist, plus one. You can add more if you want a fuller tutu. You’ll need an extra few sets if you are using a slip on tutu and needing to stretch the elastic while you make the tutu.

Kids love tutus and they can be quick to make. I have seen them for “girly” super heros, ballerinas or even for boys (see my link, my son loves tutus). In the end, kids love when you make crafts for them, and tutus can be easy as well as inexpensive.


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I hope this make your own tutu size chart was useful!

Click here to see instructions for making your own tutu.

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