Striped clothes - choosing battles over clothes

Making choices – choosing battles over clothes

Striped clothes - choosing battles over clothes
I choose my battles – and clothing choices, as long as tasteful and some-what weather appropriate – is not one I engage!

My daughter is learning about making choices. Apparently what “matches” really needs to be discussed more in depth. But, I want my daughter to feel confident and happy – so I accept her choices and choose to not to engage in things like battles over clothes – it just isn’t something I worry about!

Choosing battles over clothes – is it worth it?

Clearly, if I were concerned, she’d not be heading to school wearing this today. But she’s happy. Her clothes are cleaned. Her hair is combed. Until she’s at a school that has a full uniform, I may have to just smile and nod when she says “today is a stripe day!” Stripes from three different lines, two different brands and many different directions. What we have here is a pair of spring Gymboree pants, a Gymboree Easter dress (ina size too small) and a Carter’s long-sleeve shirt (stain covered by dress). Of course, striped socks were missed, clearly :)

What I try to remember when I see “these” sorts of issues – I think does this REALLY matter? She’s 4. Most of her classmates don’t have a care at all about clothing and most just love bright colors like her. They’re into patterns. The teachers at her montessori know that I follow the whole “let them choose” and “let them do it themselves” philosophy, so I really hope the teachers see this as caring and not that I just don’t give a crap about what my kid’s clothes! To me, when we let go of these “small” things, we can worry about and take of those big things.. like… Where’s my coffee ?



What do you do about school clothes? If you homeschool do you have “rules” for clothes when out and about? We may need to come up with a limit to number of outfit changes since some days she can make her own load of laundry with just her changes… and the layering, which you see in this photo as well. But really, battles over clothes just isn’t worth the time for me. But, we all have our “things” right?


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  1. We homeschool and our biggest rule is that the clothes for going out aren’t for wearing at home. They each only have a few items that look nice for when we’re out and about so I have to be strict about that. I have teens in addition to my little ones and we discuss appropriate dress and our family’s modesty standards. If one of my teens is wearing something their dad and I feel is inappropriate we gently let them know why and ask them to change. So far that’s worked. We have several more to get through the teen years so ask me again in 18 years when the very last child has made it through to adulthood, lol!

  2. I agree about not fighting over clothes matching, as the saying goes, don’t sweat the small stuff :) She will learn, from other sources, and as you said, she’s 4, not worried about her clothes. Let’s hope she keeps that sense and you won’t go bankrupt later, lol I personally think she looks adorable, hehe


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