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#ManicMonday Link Up



It is Monday. It is Labor Day in the US and it is the start of a new month. Time to #MakeaChange on #manicmonday. Last Monday I was in a mountain of laundry. Finally all washed. Finally folded. Finally on their way to ironing.

Then my dryer went out. And it is still out. So instead of this pile of folded clothes.

#manicmonday lots of clothes to fold
The Laundry that never ends. Last #manicmonday I was overwhelmed with getting all the laundry folded. Now I have too much to do!

I have a pile of clothes waiting to be washed. Since it is still quite wet out and my flat lacks cross wind, it takes around two days for clothes to dry on the line.

It reminds me of an old project that a friend had in Phoenix about the shape of our homes. Most of us do a mad dash to clean up before guests arrive. I know when my daughter was around 2 she started asking “play date today” or “friends come today” when ever I’d mop :) In the end we do what we can to get done.

So If you have something that makes your Monday a bit manic or if you have some peaceful parenting fail that you plan to adjust for this week, feel free to add your link to the linky below.

And because it is in my head… it can be in yours.

…just another manic Monday…

wish it were Sunday

because that’s my fun day….

This is a new link up I’ll put up each Sunday night/Monday morning. I know planning helps me do better so a plan to have a redo may be beneficial. Or maybe it is just a way to get a struggle off your chest.

Thanks again! If you want to co-host, please send me a message!

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  1. I used to love Mondays because I was home with my toddler while everyone else went off to work and school. Then I got a great promotion so now I go off to work too! The silver lining is that the nanny helps with the laundry on Mondays & Tuesdays!

  2. This is a great idea for a link-up. I’ll have to think about it for coming weeks. I actually love doing laundry (it’s the only chore I love) but am really bad about remembering to take down the hanging clothes, so I suppose waiting 2 days for it to dry would work out about right for me :)

  3. My laundry is never caught up either! My washer went out recently and I couldn’t believe the piles of laundry in the two days it took to get it fixed.

  4. My laundry mountain never seems to go away! Mondays are usually crazy in our house too. getting back into routine after the weekend.


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