Updates and a messed up Indian company


Latest updates on our move to India

It has been a week and a half, since my last update. Mostly because we’re doing our urban camping. Urban camping, as in, we’re sleeping on roll out beds with no furniture. We have a small, just larger than dorm-size fridge, and a hob (table top stove) and 4 ACs, but not much else.

We also lack internet so my posts are extremely difficult. We have a few requests out for internet and will rent a modem while we wait. Once that happens, my posts will become more regular.

So, the new place is pretty good. Their version of clean wasn’t really clean so our Swapna, our maid, thought I was crazy for a few days as I scrubbed the door hinges, the bathroom floors and base boards. I still do some of that, but she’s in charge of mopping now that I did a “deep clean.”

Messed up Company Policy

A funny update and then I’ll try to do more later with some photos (working on uploading them!):

My husband requested a car from his work for a week because they displaced us from the guest house. It was approved. (we’re now car-less though, so mostly he hitches a ride or has to take a walk to the bus to the train, to a rickshaw, to a 20 minute walk). Anyway, so one day the company-hired car/driver brought him to work. Once in the gate, the security team pulled them over. The car was travelling 34 in a 30 (km/h)

They asked for my husband’s work badge. He was confused but gave it.

He was told by his work-mates that he will get 500 rupees (just under $10) deducted from his pay check.

YEP! No trial, no bill, just a deduction from the salary. He wasn’t driving. He didn’t hire the driver!! He can’t even dispute it! How do you like that for fair trial? How is that for a company of choice that this company is trying to become? Friggen hilarious.

A co-worker lives in our same community so usually my husband hitches a ride with him. There’s also a guy across the hall who works at the same “campus” but a different building. Since commuting is stressful  the plan is to use one guy’s car and the other two to split the cost of a driver. If this driver speeds, does the company get 500INR from each employee then?

Messed up, I tell you, messed up.

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