Miss you in my travels

Miss my kiddos
I’ll miss you my babies, but I’m only a skype away.

At almost 5 and 2.5 my kiddos have stayed at home with their daddy a few times – always for work. But now, I’m choosing to spend a week away from them. You see I’m helping a friend (who also is an attached parent) go across the world to a country new to her to pick up her new daughter, Ramya. At almost 6, Ramya is joining a wonderful family…. but I am of course wondering if I’m doing the right thing for my family.

Should I be leaving them on purpose? I know that I will be supporting a family who my entire family loves and treasures. Both kiddos understand what I’m doing and why. We plan to skype daily and I know that I’ll think of them. I’m being honest with myself and this is also a time for me to remember the “I can take charge” person – I’ve been to India. I am no expert but I can definitely be HELPFUL in this situation. Others could have went along but they may have had a need to do more sight seeing. I don’t. This will be trip #5 with more trips to India to come – so I’m good with being supportive. I’m good with carrying all the bags so Jamie can help Ramya through – in a sling as a wheel chair wouldn’t have worked well through India and Ramya’s spina bifida prevents her from walking on her own.

Anyway, Perhaps I’m writing this to rationalize. Perhaps because my kiddos are awake now and it is almost 1 am. But in the end – I’m an attached mom, I am taking some time away physically but I’m reassured with support (former au pair is coming through to help and then my mom is flying in) my husband will do fine with them… even though they’re awake now due to a lovely second round of whatever it is that is plaguing our city!

So this will go unedited and I’ll miss my family… while helping a family expand. My kids are very excited for a new friend to be added to their group of friends and we hope we can continue to support their family as they’ve done for so many others.

Read more about their family at www.aworthyjourney.com

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