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As previously told, we were evicted at the last moment from the guest house and are now in our new “permanent home.” However, our items have been delayed again and we are told they are FINALLY on their way from China as of 5/30/2013! WOO! That means we should have our stuff in just under a month.


Such a long time to wait for a cargo ship!

It has been two months since we left the US and we packed our stuff up back March 21/22nd, so it has been a while since we had normalcy.


Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the best for any of us. My husband’s job is crazy. In fact, one of the HR guys came in and apologized to him for lying to him! Then went and told him to find him on linkedin, so basically this guy is leaving soon. Apparently in India you give a three month notice, so this guy is probably on his way out. Many internal HR guys in India are more like the recruiters in the US – they get paid to get you in, not to make sure you’re doing well. The guy was actually afraid to walk into my husband’s office because of all the B-S he has put up with thus far.

Our new set up

So this means we have a 3 bedroom, hall, and a kitchen. Our maid’s room is actually storage for the owner, so Swapna doesn’t really have a room. She seems comfortable with it, but I am  not. More on that in another post :)

What will be their bedroom
Their “bed” room.
Former tenants lefft us a temple area
Former tenants left us a temple area. Anyone know what the hand prints all over the place are meant to be?
2013-05-20 14.55.31 - Copy
Our new building
small plunger
While shopping for cleaning supplies, I found super small plungers. I think you’d get drenched using it! Of course less water is in the toilet anyway, but… still!
fridge india
India also has some small fridges. We are getting a second hand one (soon!) that will be super large though – so big it won’t fit into the kitchen. But free is better than what we have (a slightly larger than dorm-sized) now!
2013-05-20 21.23.48 - Copy
Our table
2013-05-20 22.27.15
Our current bed set up
local park
The local park. In the evenings it is packed with kids from the society AND a lot of stray dogs. In the afternoon, “local” kids frequent it.
Our apartment came us "clean"
Our apartment came to us ‘clean.’ Ew. Finishing touches, not so much. They also acid–washed the bathrooms.. Unfortunately that ruined the finish and we have an “always look dirty” feel going now
2013-05-22 17.58.07
Dryer boxes with a welcome mat :) AKA, V’s store for a few days. We finally snuck them out. My husband wanted me to wait outside to request the 5INR ($.10) back from the cleaners when they picked them up. I refused – me standing outside in the hall with them would mean the kids would have noticed!
2013-05-22 17.59.09
Concrete jungle

2013-05-22 18.01.02

So I do have internet again, which means I’ll try to get more updates going. Writing is a release for me so it definitely helps me process and keep going and also chronicle this move.

We came here thinking 4-5 years. Now we’re definitely thinking not so much. We signed a 22 month lease, but apparently you can break your lease after 6 months and get your deposit back (ours was around 6 months rent). But due to “stay” clauses we will be here for likely 2 years. Because of this, we’re sorta glad we didn’t get a vehicle right away. We would have bought new and then we’d lose a lot more money in the long run in this, the perhaps, not the best idea I’ve ever had, incident :)

Parenting in uncertainty is tough, but love is stronger.

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  1. Wow, sounds like it’s been pretty rough on all of you, but you seem to be making the best of it! I really enjoy reading your posts about living in India, because I just might be doing the same one day! 😉 (Or not, depending on how many of your “Living in India” posts I read!) lol. Good luck with getting your things back soon, and shame on his company for allowing his salary to be deducted because of their drivers poor judgement! That was ridiculous! Are you buying furniture there or did you ship yours there?


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