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Moving in Apartment


As I said I am just catching up with posting (and remember the comma doesn’t work on my keyboard! so please forgive me) so I wanted to share some photos of the move in process. Time for moving in Apartment style!

Our items arrived in port in mid June (12.5 weeks after packing) and two weeks after that and a lot of upset calls as nothing seemed to help move our stuff quickly into our place – we had our delivery date. Early that morning I noticed two large vehicles outside the gated area of our building. I thought maybe our stuff could be there but did not note a container so wasn’t sure. At 10:05- 5 minutes after our deliery time my husband (who was given “joining leave”) called and asked where our stuff was. He assured our stuff was there so I guessed our stuff was in those two large trucks. Sure enough our stuff was in there.

They had unloaded our stuff and reloaded them to covered trucks (since it is monsoon this worried us).

We have our US couch in India now
So happy to have a couch! We were utterly surprised how well it kept. No mildew!
A huge pile of packing paper. We did two rounds of paper walla and recyclers.
Too much stuff for our kitchen
We have a bit too much stuff for our kitchen. Most everything has a home now but it overwhelmed our maid for sure. She did leave the next day but that’s a whole other story!
2013-06-28 15.58.04
More packing stuff. Yes it was all recycled. We got around $.15 per box and paper even less. I didn’t want to even deal with it and just give it away but apparently that sets a bad precedent.
unloading moving boxes in India
Another view. I was so happy to see stuff I kept taking photos!
our spare room (aka Conner's room) full of boxes
Most of this is unpacked but some of it is not. I brought a long a lot of craft supplies. now to get a craft table but first we need to get rid of our toddler bed/crib
Rohan was so happy to see his digger
He was so happy to see his digger! My mother in law had called to have V come with her over the weekend to allow packing to go better but V didn’t want to go. R did though! Willingly even after we reminded him that he couldn’t nurse to sleep. Well he went brought this digger… and my in-laws brought him back next day. (instead of two days) since he well… kept them up all evening (they allowed him to nap in the car and then again when they got home). Now they see why I try to not let him nap! He was asking to go to the park at 11 pm!
Toys have arrived
Woo! Look at hat smile!

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  1. Moving is such fun isn’t it?! I hope it went smoothly for you and you’re getting settled in nicely!

  2. I couldn’t imagine not having my stuff for so long! I love all the packing paper, that’s a new toy for hours!!!!! glad all your stuff arrived and you can finally settle in


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