Surprise: Our big MOVE


We’re off to great places, we’re off and away to

Living in India with kids





Yes we are moving to India! Yep, we will be living in India!! I know some of you know that this has been discussed – in fact it was originally discussed almost 6 years ago! That plan was placed on hold when I realized I wasn’t prepared to have a baby there – first pregnancy, and all!

So here we are, two weeks out from a move across the world. We have the movers set, we have stuff ready to be sold! A lot has already been donated. I’ve spent time sorting junk drawers and finding missing pieces to puzzles. But now, we’re in crunch time!

I teetered back and forth about having this on the blog, or to create a travel blog, but decided to keep it all together. Because, yes, the kiddos are coming along and YES I will still be a parent there. With new challenges and a new backdrop to our lives, I will still have the love for my kiddos and need to maneuver through this parenting thing as an attached mom.

Moving with kids is not to be taken lightly. The language and culture of India is what I really want my children to pick up. They are half Indian and have the right to that culture as much as they have of “my” culture. Thus, this big move.

What do we expect in living in India?

A lot of changes, obviously. We are trying to mitigate some changes – we let Viveka pick her new sheets for the new twin bed (thanks Colleen!), we chose a Montessori run by an AMI – trained staff to keep that consistent. I’ll take a long a few foods in our carry on that I know I can’t get in India easily so that those first few weeks will be easier. Not easy, but easier. I hope.

If you’re the praying-type, please pass along your prayers and positive thoughts for a smooth transition and for my anxiety to maybe just go down a slight bit. Yes, I pushed this originally. I want this for my kids, but now that it is really happening, I’m in freak-out mode.

I expect to have to adjust to the new culture. I’ve been to India five times now and each time I get a little more accepting and a little more annoyed. I’m not going in with a romantic feeling of this new life – instead, I’m a bit optimistic, but still keeping my guard and finding places I know I don’t give in on much, while reserving the areas that I can “give” on for when it will be necessary. We won’t have two cars – in fact I won’t drive most likely. We won’t have 3000 sq ft, instead maybe 1100. To compensate, I foresee a neighborhood that has green area, a park, pool, and a clubhouse.

So there it is – the big move. We will be living in India

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  1. We will miss you guys:) Our Family’s have grown together. I look forward to reading about your new life and all your fun adventures:)

  2. We will miss you guys so much! I can’t wait to follow your new adventure, but I also can’t wait to come and visit! I love that your 5th India visit was with me, and for such a wonderful reason. You are a blessing for sure!


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