Mumbai – Children in the news and why not move back


A few articles from this week’s paper that I thought would be of interest to my readers. To be a child any where can have risks. But from forced child marriages (India’s law is no marriage before age 18, but around 50% of girls are married by 18) to kidnappings to high pressure schooling to the life of a street kid, there are tons of issues.

Let’s open our eyes to what it is like to be a child.

Children in the news – Mumbai

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Oh and let’s look at what this judge had to say. Not in Mumbai, but really? Men must have no control and women must always worry… something needs to change! I know there’s been plenty of times that I’ve been alone with a man (even in India) and not had sex! Wow.

2013-05-14 09.48.31
really? A judge says “left alone man woman will go for sex.” Sounds like he may have his own issues! Hopefully he didn’t ask a woman to his chamber! But then again, this is a serious issue of the plight of women in India.

Articles from Times of India.


And even though we’re not entirely sure where we’ll be living this weekend. It is better than being on the streets. It is better than worrying about our kids being sold off or having to rent our kids to beg. I didn’t turn the AC on in my inlaw’s “hall” today. Prepping for this weekend, haha!


street kids in Navi Mumbai
street kids gathering in the morning. I’m not sure if these were rented out beggar children, or just kids gathering in the morning. But I’m happy that, even though we’re unsure where we’ll be as of Saturday, we won’t be homeless.
Quiet morning
A quiet morning… 8 am, which is before most people are up-and-atem in India. Most businesses open around 10-11 am. Very few will be open at 9 am!

Life in India –

Many people are wondering “why don’t you just head home” – the fact is, we want our kids to know “India” they are half Indian. They should have the opportunity to know Marathi. They should know their cousins, aaji and kaka (well really ajoba, but they all call him kaka).

Besides the holding “sign on” bonus clause and the fact that our stuff is in the middle of the ocean, we know things will get better once we’re settled. Do we have an entirely bad taste in our mouth due to the treatment we are getting from this company? Absolutely.

We know that it will get better once we’re settled. At least we hope.

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  1. Wow. What a journey you’re on. And what an awesome experience in really appreciating things like women rights and the knowledge that we have in the US. My heart hurts for the girls who have to grow up with those thoughts and fears all around them.


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