Get rid of crab grass (with kitchen pantry items!)


You’re walking through the grass. Okay, let’s instead say that you’re in your lawn running after your toddler who suddenly found the road, when out of no where, you step on a patch of grass that almost paralyzes you since it feels like thorns and prickers are plentiful. Well, chances are you have a patch of prickly lettuce or crabby grass.

When we called for a yard clean up when we purchased the house, we asked for an all natural option, and they claimed twice a year they have to do chemical herbicides for crab grass. Well, since our kids play in the grass, I’m not open to chemicals being sprayed where they play (face down at times!), so we decided against this option. After all, can’t we just pull weeds? Well, things like prickly lettuce isn’t exactly pullable. Even with my garden gloves, the prickers made it through. So, what do we do? We bring out the good ol’ vinegar. Vinegar is an all natural acidic product. Dumping it on the base of the plant and letting it soak into the roots will kill it. depending on the type of plant it may take 2-3 times over a period of time…

So simple, right?

So, go out, get a gallon of regular white vinegar, and grab some regular table salt, while you’re at it.

Go around, find all the weeds you want, poor vinegar directly on the culprit. The, shake a little salt on it. Okay, not a little, but maybe a spoon of regular table salt. Wait a day, and you’ll come back out and find they’re all brown! What’s nice is that you barely need to “dig” around it, because the plant and root comes up easily. Some people will leave the weeds there, but I don’t like the look of wilted weeds, so I just pull them.

natural weed control
After a splash of vinegar, within 15 hours (the next morning) our weeds were lifeless and easy to pull.

Natural Weed Control: Vinegar and Salt

Natural weed control is actually quite easy. Vinegar, since it is very acidic, shouldn’t be blanket sprayed – it can brown your grass, and to control weeds, you need to be diligent about getting to their roots.

This also is a great way to get weeds or grass that comes up through the pavement. This is much safer than Glyphosate (round up) and MUCH cheaper too.

For those interested in the dangers of Glyphosate, please read the following.

  • NIH: Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors.
  • NIH: Glyphosate-based herbicides are toxic and endocrine disruptors in human cell lines.
  • NIH: Glyphosate impairs male offspring reproductive development by disrupting gonadotropin expression.
  • NIH: Glyphosate formulations induce apoptosis and necrosis in human umbilical, embryonic, and placental cells.
  • NIH: Exposure to Glyphosate- and/or Mn/Zn-Ethylene-bis-Dithiocarbamate-Containing Pesticides Leads to Degeneration of γ-Aminobutyric Acid and Dopamine Neurons in Caenorhabditis elegans (My edit: Neurodegeneration, such as Parkinsons)
  • Brain (Peer reviewed): Severely increased risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis among Italian professional football players (research on exposure to herbicides)
  • British Medical Journal: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and occupational exposure to 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

If you need more reseeach, please do let me know, I’ll send it over to you personally. The research is plentiful – RoundUp (glyphosate) is not at all good for humanity.

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  1. My husband has this little tool that you shove into the weed and it rips it right up. It’s kind of fun at first, but starts to get tedious after a while. Think I should be doing the vinegar method instead!

    1. If you want to use the ripper after the vinegar it is a lot easier because the roots aren’t as stuck in there! Plus you don’t have to bend down as far. I need those knee pad things for gardening. So many grass stains, lol

  2. This is fantastic info and all completely new to me. I’m so careful about not exposing my family to harmful chemicals. I’m going to give this a go.


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