Our guesthouse view PHOTOS


So here are a few photos of what we see every day here at our guest house – where we’ll stay the next 1 – 3 months. We have two bedrooms in a three bedroom flat. We share community space, so to speak, with a single guy. Indian-origin, living here and working but most recently “from” the Bay area. He isn’t very talkative, but we try to keep the community area “free” for him the few hours in the morning and quiet so that we don’t annoy him. But BOY is it hard. He’s gone most of the day, but it is still less free to just “be.” But it does keep me from not doing the dishes immediately.

My husband tried to call to get us into a 2 bedroom, but the front desk (there are people here who live here full time and others come for a few days or on a short term stay (like us, while we await our stuff) indicated that we’d need approval from the company. Tried calling there, and one contact is out of the office due to a death in the family so the guy who is in the office is swamped so he said he couldn’t do anything for us. I told my husband to pull the “we have a young daughter and don’t know this man” card but apparently that doesn’t hold it’s weight here. BUT it should! Anyway, we have locks on our doors so even if I were worried (i’m not unguarded though), we’d be safe.

Another thing is we have a stove, but the gas isn’t hooked up. At first we thought we’d have to go apply and then get a gas cylinder (the government wants proof of who you are and where the gas is), but we noticed a pipe running up the building. When my husband called the front desk he mentioned this, and they indicated someone would be by to turn the gas on… but a few hours later and it hasn’t happened. We had a bit of a fight last night because I assumed we were going out to eat, and he assumed I was cooking. In the mean time both kids fell asleep without dinner. I did make some lovely ramen (not Maggi, that’s nestle, and I boycott nestle) with green peas and some sliced vegetables. It was such a fight that no one ate it until today. Kids woke up at 5 am and were hungry so they ate the veggies for the time being and we had the ramen for lunch.

I picked up some more veggies and V and I walked and picked up some potato today. If the gas is turned on I’ll make potato/peas. Unfortunately I am not sure that I can make chapati because I haven’t noticed a pan, only a deep pot.

Okay on to some photos.

Washer and dryer
So excited… washer and dryer and they aren’t in the kitchen. Yes, many middle class homes have a washing machine, which is in the kitchen. Very few people have dryers.
Living room
Also known as half our “hall” living room is spacious. V looks washed out and doubled because of the blinding light of the patio. The show on TV is the Hindi cartoon “Chota Bheem” – hopefully the kids pick up on the language from it :)
View from dining
Here’s our view from the dining room (basicaly the other part of the living room. Olympic-sized pool, kid’s play area, walking path, and a kid’s pool. The building next to the pool has the restaurant, gym, sauna and other amenities. There’s also basketball and tennis courts. We went swimming on Tuesday – sorta feels like we’re on vacation with all this stuff!
View from dining 2
Here’s the other view from the dining room. Sewer plants, buildings and the sea bridge in the far distance.
bedroom view
Morning view from the bedroom I share with the kiddos. Since we share the apartment we can’t keep the kid’s alone. The master bedroom has a balcony but a similar view.

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