Overcoming the fear of waxing

Wax on. wax off.

There are definitely a few benefits to living in India. I figure after a year and a half I need to take advantage of those things.  I am now going for a pedicure every 2 weeks. I am letting the maid do cleaning that I’d prefer to have done “my” way.

I grow out my leg hair to get it waxed.

And then I shave it because I have flashbacks nightmates of college:

The time when I purchased a home wax kit and went to the bathroom to have nair worthy short short legs. I didn’t read the directions entirely and found out…

Waxing hurts like hell.

I was 20. So I have been afraid of wax for almost 15 years.

At some point one has to forget having to call someone to bring scissors to cut the wax out right? Since for some reason I thought it would be simple to wax the bikini line and didn’t think to bring a towel with me from my bedroom on the 2nd floor of the apartment down with me to the bathroom.

Every time I consider a wax i flash back to the painful moment when I found out that separating the hair from the bikini line from the non bikini is pretty much essential.

Because, it seems, hair doesn’t like to be yanked in many directions. And waxing your self takes talent and a lot of guts. It is so much easier to not pull when it hurts like hell.  And if you whimp out it dries up and well… dried wax doesn’t adhere to the strip very well.

So there I was, upper legs full of hardened wax and No Friggen towel and a bathroom that opened to the living room. And a living room that had huge windows to the other dozens of apartments.

Yeah. I was stuck and needed to calm for scissors because I couldn’t get my clothes back on with wax on me..

So for the last almost 15 years I have purchased wax twice more and both times whimped out. Plus I suffer from many ingrown hairs (TMI) so it is a bit annoying to deal with ingrown hairs and the issues surrounding them.

So for this trip to Thailand I thought I’d have it professionally done. Up to the knees. Who cares about the bikini line anyway?

So I went for my pedicure before we left and planned to get the waxing done too..my but I chickened out.

And then ran out of time to shave before heading out.

So I drank a beer and allowed myself to be buttered up in a hut.

Yes that is a butter knife.

And maybe it was the beer?

Maybe it was her expertise…

Maybe it was that it wasn’t the bikini line…

But it didn’t hurt that bad.

It was interesting though to have ladies gathering around to see the hairy lady. I mean in most of Asia women wax their arms… so yeah…my 3 or so weeks of hair sure was a sight for them.

She was very proud and called a few others to show off her hard work.

The cost to wax legs in Thailand

Oh and the cost? 400 Thai bhat. Approximately $15.

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  1. I can remember when I first went to get my brows done. I went with a friend from school and he was so disappointed that I did not even flinch. I have a high pain tolerance so it is not too bad.

  2. I do wax. I wax my legs, a couple of spots on my face and my eyebrows. NEVER EVER will I wax my bikini area again. I almost pulled my private parts off. I actually have a post ready to go on how much it hurt waxing the bikini area.

  3. I don’t like waxing either, not a big fan of pain! I really don’t mind shaving though. I used to wax my eyebrows, but didn’t like the way they were beind shaped, so I stopped that too.

  4. First let me just scream OUCH!!! ok now that I got that out of the way you rock girl for doing this. I tried it once and never again it hurt.

  5. Like you I had a bad experience with wax years ago that left me steering clear!! Good for you for being brave enough to take the plunge again. :)

  6. I’ve never had a wax job before because I simply don’t have the guts to do it, LOL. Of course I kind of despise shaving too, so maybe now I might slightly consider it.

  7. I used to be very scared of waxing too, but now am used to it. I have to agree about the benefits of our beauty ritual in India. It is so inexpensive. In fact every time I fly out there, that is the first thing I do.


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