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Preschool and technology: preschool apps


Preschool and technology: preschool apps

There are a myriad of approaches to a preschool life. Some parents choose to keep their kiddos at home because they aren’t ready to head out into the real world. Others would love to do preschool but it isn’t in the budget. There are some whose kids have been in child care since 6 weeks old and there are others who started a mother-toddler Waldorf program or the beginning of the three-year Montessori Kindergarten. Of course no approach is right for every family and what’s right for one kid won’t be right for another. Preschool technology is a topic which often comes up. Television? How much? Phone Apps? Which ones? Is there anything other than Angry Birds for your tablet that is good in regard to preschool and screen time? This is not a sponsored post of any kind – but links may contain affiliate codes which help keep this blog going :) I found some online and printable Montessori apps to be wonderful – but even just regular games can be fun as well.

Here is a round up of a few good paid and free preschool apps

Montessori ABC Game for Kids HD – This has a free version as well, but I upgraded within a few days due to the added functionality. While I do not claim to be an expert in Waldorf letters, the use of imagery is beneficial to help children remember letter sounds. Of course Waldorf and technology doesn’t go together, but this app may be a “we won’t tell the teacher” app for Waldorf families. Montessori families will love it and any preschooler will love the ease of use of this app that helps to teach the letter sounds (phonics). Cost: $2.99

Mobile Montessori has some great printables that align with a Montessori philosophy and a great resource for those just starting a homeschool journey (kindergarten or first grade even would benefit from the flags of the world).  Cost: Free

BT Handwriting is an app that uses a single finger (versus two fingers used in Montessori) to trace letters into correct shapes. Good for early writers. For print only – not cursive. Cost $.99

LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: The Magic School Bus Oceans – Since have a leapster (and had a LeapPad that was left on an airplane :( _ we enjoy some time on the Leapster. The kids love this game. It asks questions like “find sea creatures with fins” and the like. Regularly $20 (leapster not included). Currently on sale for under $16. 


Added bonus: Leapster Cartridges are on sale: Save 10% on Leapster Games

Do you use technology with your preschoolers to supplement learning?

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  1. I love that there are so many apps available no matter what your interest or need. Thanks for highlighting these for parents of preschoolers. My kids are a little older but I will definitely share this post with my friends who have younger children.

  2. i love that there are so many to choose from other than ‘squash the ant’, LOL. i guess i am a bit old school, since my ‘baby’ is now 19 yrs old. i am hesitant about the amount of technology available to youngsters, but it is great to have better options than just mindless games. thanks for a nice review and info!

  3. My kids love using our phones to play games, we dont use it as a phone so it is full of kids apps. These are a few that i might have to add to it.

  4. My daughter is grown now, but I know these apps would have been great for her. I love that you listed the prices, it helps parents decide where to begin looking.

  5. I sort of want to try an app with my son, but I’m afraid that he will get so hooked on the video game aspect of it and he and I will lose out on face time with me being the teacher. I sort of want to be the reason that he learns to read or count or whatever because I have that image in my head where he gets it finally and hugs me. I don’t want to be in another room when he “gets it” and the only thing there to celebrate with is the screen :(


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