Public outcry lowers cost of Anascorp

After two scorpion stings and two ER visits in our family, we were not very happy to see the original cost of anascorp so high. Especially for those who do not have insurance or are entirely living pay to pay check, the cost was just crazy. Did you see the WAS there?Yep, costs are lowering by up to 80%. Since the cost of the antivenom is around $100 in Mexico where it was developed, this only makes sense. But it shouldn’t take public outcry to make a basic decision. But, we’re ruled by the big $$ and not by medical ethics now are we?

But really, we have to look at why costs are so high why we’re in this huge medicalized society, but lack life saving drugs when the CEO of United Health Care is overpaid and takes a large percent of all health care dollars in compensation for himself. How is THAT improving your health care except to give us higher bills?

I mean, I understand economics and prices – limited use, means cost to keep it on hand, especially if it has a short shelf life.

Cost is higher to cover the cost of those who do not/cannot pay.

Cost is higher to cover the “discounts” given, especially to keep a non-profit status.

But really, this is, for some, a life or death issue.

Yay for access to more reasonable priced health care.

But in the end, insurance will continue to price more people out of good health care. THese “discounts” that we see only raise insurance premiums (since they’re seen as SAVINGS to our companies that they’d paid if they covered our bills directly) and in the end we’re not getting any healthier because of insurance now are we?

The next time you get a medical bill in the mail, consider these thoughts and then look at what the CEO of your health insurance agency is making and consider what he’s making off of your health. Ugh.

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