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Radiation worries: 6 Sources of Every day Radiation


We all have our “things.” You know those things that you’ve researched and made your mantra. Even men have their “things.”  For my husband his thing is radiation. In fact it surrounded a lot of our move since there are sources of radiation in everyday life. It dictates that he moves my cell phone when I leave it on the couch. It means turning off the data plan when not in use. It means it is the thing that HE sends me random messages about – including ,the latest that said to “do this for my children” – yes um OUR children – but it means really I need to pay attention to where I place my cell phone and whether the data is on when the kids play games.

Radiation was in the news after the Japanese Fukushimi Daiichi nuclear power plant issue and so people started worrying about the water, seafood and of course it started becoming a topic regarding radiation in the ground and food we eat. But there are plenty of sources of radiation in every day life – not all of which we can easily control, but some, we can.

sources of everyday radiation
#affiliate Our electrosmog meter next to our wireless router.

What is radiation?

the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles, esp. high-energy particles that cause ionization.

  • There are non-ionizing radiation and Ionizing.
    • Ionizing is high-level radiation which has the potential for cellular and DNA damage

Check out for more information

Radiation is something that is around us every day and radiation. And, of course there are a variety of kinds of radiation. I’m not a scientist (my husband is) so I won’t try to fully explain it but do recommend a few links:

We recently got an rf meter that allows to verify where our potential radiation sources are. We checked our home – my inlaw’s place –  my husband’s work and of course our cell phones. Miraculously my cell phone has little radiation worries. My husband and I have checked it multiple times – calls coming in. With the 3g on. With out the case. My cell phone actually has much less emitting than his co-workers with the same phone. So it is important to test your individual phone versus what others have if that is something that interests you.

Six Sources of Everyday Radiation to Try to Avoid

  1. Cell Phone Radiation – don’t sleep with your phone. Instead of keeping it in your pocket, use a purse or your bag to carry it. Most cell phones come with a warning to keep it 10 cm from your body. Use a headset or speakerphone. We use an app that notifies us when radiation is higher on calls. We can then choose to move or use speakerphone. The app we use is Tawkon. Download it free (link below via amazon)
  2. Ionizers – When looking at a new air filter, for example, choose one that doesn’t have an ionizer or one that has an option to turn it “off.” When I look online websites tout the use of ionizers for cleaning air, but most do not show why putting charged ions into the air may not be a good thing. Here’s one link I found that does discuss the topic (sans the radiation issue, but more on the topic of oxygen to ozone)
  3. Security scanners – ask for a pat down instead of going through the scanners. We always have our kids walk to the side of the scanners and have never had an issue. My husband does the same here in India as every mall has these “metal detectors.” Of course if everyone starts asking they may either change policy or stop letting exceptions, but really, why increase your exposure if you don’t have to?
  4. Cell phone towers and high powered electrical lines – now this is something that isn’t easy to avoid if you already have one near your home/office, but if you’re a renter, you can avoid living on a top floor where there are multiple towers or you can choose to not purchase a home near a large tower. If you’re searching for homes and see a high voltage power line, look a few blocks over – this is one reason we avoided “56th st” in Phoenix – just couldn’t bare that risk when there were other options. You can bring an RF meter with you when house hunting – it may seem a bit much, but if you plan to live somewhere you should know what the radiation levels are where you live.
  5. Air planes – now I realize this isn’t every day but I know plenty of people who fly regularly – in-fact my kids have flown quite a few times as well and when I posted before about nanotechnology and charcoal bamboo my husband started wondering if we should wear charcoal bamboo when we fly. Now to me that was getting toward wearing tinfoil but now that I’ve researched it more, perhaps wearing items that help prevent radiation into our bodies when we fly may not be such a bad idea.
  6. The Sun – this is a difficult one. We need to have some sunlight to absorb Vitamin D and I’m a huge proponent of vitamin D, but it also causes damage. Avoid tanning beds. Wear clothes that cover your body. Consider a chemical UV blocker in your clothes.

Other sources to consider include: microwaves, medical tests (x-rays especially, mammograms, etc), remote controls, televisions, wireless routers etc). I’m not saying to avoid all these things at all costs, but you may consider unplugging your wireless when not in use or just minimize what you do add into your children’s rooms that increase radiation since their bodies absorb it more easily and they don’t have all their lives ahead of them with likely more wireless, more powerful, more everything.

Now I feel like I have been promoting a lot of movies lately – there’s another one that I feel tells a great upcoming message on the topic of radiation. – Cell phones and radiation.

So to end Breast Cancer Month – let’s NOT put our cell phones in our bra straps (not even if there’s a bra specifically made for it!)

Have you made any different choices to avoid radiation in the past or have you considered any?


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  1. I understand the concerns that radiation can bring, however sometimes we worry to much and forget about the good things that come from it for example mammograms, xrays and ultrasounds. Whereas its good to not do it just because you have to weigh the medical benefits to the procedure too.

    1. I agree – there are small things (5 others outside of medical listed above) that impact us – and especially as we live in a more and more technical world. Of course just being in an area with a lot of radon affects us

  2. Other then attempting to cover myself from the sun most times and fighting doctors when they want to xray me for no apparent reason and I rarely if ever use the microwave anymore–not really-

  3. It’s amazing how many things around us can and do give off radiation – I guess as we are getting to know more things about the world around us its becoming a more scary place in some wayx.

  4. Some of them i did not realise i am always worried about the effect things like the laptop have on our bodies in our house on each desk we have Himalayan salt lamps they are said to help with making whichever ever ions are good for us lol. all i know is that since we got them i no longer get headaches while working online for long periods of time :-)

  5. It’s scary to think how much radiation comes from things we use on a daily basis.. Luckily for me I don’t own a cell phone, so I guess I am safe there! lol Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a very informative post. I use to put my cell phone in my bra when I did not have a pocket. They I thought that might not be a good idea and stopped doing it.
    One thing that women should think about is an ultrasound when pregnant. If it is a necessary procedure it would be fine but if it is just to get a guesstimated due date and the sex of the child I would pass on it. I passed on all four of my children. My Dr. was not happy with the first baby but he understood I knew all my period dates and was healthy other wise so he decided to stop asking me to get one done. The later pregnancys he was totally fine with. I did get an ultrasound with the last pregnancy as he thought I might be caring multiples with one in my tube. Which was actually the case.

  7. Sorry, accidentally hit submit by accident. My microwave would probably be the main source of radiation in our home. I use it all the time.

  8. Interesting, didn’t know about the airplanes. My cell phone is in another room most of the day with the volume up so I can hear it but not attached to me. We hardly if ever use a microwave. We are low tech folks. 1 tv and it is in the living room. We watch it a few hours at night and thats it.

  9. It never occurred to me that there were so many radiation exposures. I do try to keep my cell away from head because of radiation though.

  10. Very interesting. I was aware of some of this including the cell phone info. The video was great and I am going to share that with family members.

  11. I knew about the radiation within cell phones, but never realized the airplane radiation. I do lots of traveling, so that was a bit disturbing. Thank you for sharing this important information with us.

  12. A lot of these are really difficult to avoid. With my job I need a cell phone, granted I don’t have to use it 24/7 but it’s still there. As for the sun, guess we really can’t get away from that one now can we?

  13. Very interesting post. I did not realize or think daily how much radiation comes from these things. Sometimes we cannot avoid it but there is some things we can avoid. Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a great and interesting post… I try to use the phone as little as possible; we don’t use the microwave much anymore either and I’m not allowed to be in the sun, so far so good.. but learned a lot of great tips from you..thanks for sharing

  15. So we have one of those salt lamps on our kitchen counter, too. Am I to understand that it helps compensate for using the microwave too much?? When first reading your article I was worried it was not a good thing. Always love it so hoping it’s not bad. :-)

    1. You know, I’ not quite sure – it appears they do help according to some reviews BUT I’ve never used an RF meter to see if there’s a difference. Could be interesting to see the affect it has.

  16. I’ve read a little bit about radiation, and heard a lot of things from other people and sources, but I’m kind of on the fence. I don’t know how easy it is to avoid everything. I know you can avoid SOME, but avoiding it all seems like a full-time job committment.

  17. I can’t really say I worry too much about radiation. I watch what I can and try not to worry about the things I can’t control much. There are so many things we are told to avoid and watch. If I spent all my time worrying about stuff like that I would not be able to live life.


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