Rakhi Bond of Protection 2013 – Full Moon


Today is officially raksha bandhan and due to work the kids celebrated (along with my sister in law with my husband) on Sunday. We now have had the full moon marking the full moon of the lunar month.  So these “sacred” threads (some of which hold cartoons and others have special beeds) are tied by the sister to the brother in exchange for life time of protection.


V tying Rakhi (sacred thread) onto hher brother.
Big sister tying rakhi onto brother while son watches.


The brother usually gifts the sister a present.

rakhi smile
Sister has a smile… why? Her Rakhi gift. Of course now she’s claiming that “we” (as in parents) bought it so her brother really didn’t get her anything. Oh the drama :)

What’s this girl so happy about? Roller skates she was begging for earlier this year but I vetoed. I vetoed because we didn’t have a helmet and sorry safety first.

She’s got wheels!

My son now sports three threads – one from his “sister” one from his cousin-sister and one that he got at school (that my daughter tied on).

Now in exchange for that gift my daughter needs to find some sweets to give her brother. Since today’s an off day from school we’ll head out for lunch and order desert. Afterward it is off to the library to pick out some new books. Of course we have a science experiment book that has tons of “yeah we should do this” and very few “wow that was a great experiment” moments. Thus maybe we’ll keep that one home and complete some check marks this afternoon.

The lesson of this raksha bandhan should be to help that bond between siblings. Now that is something I need to help work on because we have some excellent rivarly going… now to get that to change to a positive bond :)

Happy Rakhi out there.

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  1. I’m not familiar with this ritual – would love if you explained it a bit more. I love the idea of the siblings working together and giving each other a protective bond.

  2. What a wonderful tradition…and this continues throughout life? The sibling rivalry in our house is tremendous considering my first three boys are all within 4 years of each other.


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