Reasons People Visit Paris – It may surprise you


Paris, France is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. Visitors have a wide variety of reasons for visiting Paris. One popular reason that visitors stop in Paris is because the area is romantic. Many couples visit Paris on their honeymoons because of the five-star hotels. An interested person can visit a site such as Hipmunk to have a look at all the choices for hotels in Paris. The following are three other reasons that people visit Paris, France on their vacations:

The Myriad of Shopping Choices

paris france - eifel tower photo from distance
Paris France – the place to be.. The Eiffel Tower and More. Photo by – Creative Commons License.

Fashion and shopping are two top elements in Paris. Therefore, many visitors spend time shopping at the most famous malls. Galaries Lafayette is a huge department store that has a vast collection of men’s and women’s designer clothing. Another good place for a person to shop in Paris is Miss Bibi. Miss Bibi has a collection of elegant jewelry and other treasures.

The Delicious Food and Wine

Another reason that people visit Paris is the delicious foods and wine. Visitors can sit quietly and enjoy fine cheeses, wines, champagne, bread and pastries at many of the small restaurants or bakeries in Paris. Examples of some amazing places to eat in Paris are Fauchon, Pierre Herme and the Smith’s Bakery.

The Gorgeous Architecture

Thirdly, visitors choose to frequent Paris because of the large assortment of masterful architectural buildings and structures that exist there. Tourists love to bring their families to these gorgeous sites and take pictures that they can share when they return home. Examples of amazing architectural structures and buildings in Paris are the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum. All structures are notable structures that a vacationer will want to visit on a trip. A trip to Paris surely requires a good camera.

Reserving the Best Hotels

As previously stated, an interested party can find the best hotels by using a comparison site to review consumer rankings, price and amenities. The consumer will want to choose the best hotel based on his or her needs and budget. A comparison site will help the person to zone in on the best option for the trip. By saving money choosing the best hotel, the consumer can save money to spend on an activity during trip.

Paris is a gorgeous place that can fit the agenda of any business person, consumer or person who loves to travel.

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  1. Even though I’ve been to France numerous times and enjoyed it’s offerings, the food lingers in my mind. They do have outstanding food at all price points.


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