Reasons to March Against Monsanto – May 25th


Monsanto and Nestle – they go together for so many reasons – both unethically large conglomerates boycotted by independent thinkers around the world. On May 25th, consider a March against Monsanto. I see them everywhere from Delhi, India and Marquette, MI to Phoenix, AZ.


March Against Monsanto
March Against Monsanto

What are the Reasons to March Against Monsanto?

  • Monsanto is the world’s largest producers of genetically modified foods
  • Every PERSON in the world has a right to KNOW if they are consuming GMOs, and if they choose, refuse to buy or consume GMOs. Monsanto actively supports legislation which would allow or require labelling
  • Pesticides, including Monsanto’s Roundup, which is one of the top used pesticides, is linked to many diseases
  • Weeds have become resistant to Roundup, requiring MORE of this toxic chemical
  • Monsanto “roundup ready” seeds require farmers to be indebted to Monsanto as they require their pesticides, which cause animal “miscarriages” among other issues.
  • Seeds cannot be stored, causing more issues for poor farmers. In India over 150,000 farmers have committed suicide. That’s one every 30 minutes. Don’t believe the doubters who say it has to do with monsoon. Yes, water is a precious resource, but debt to a company is worse than suffering a year. People can’t save seeds anymore, so next year’s crop depends on this year even more. A farmer needs MONEY to buy seeds, they  can’t just save some each year to help the next year’s harvest when they buy Monsanto seeds, which are more expensive.
  • Monsanto continually sues small farmers for patent infringement – for reusing seeds or when seed coverage blows into neighboring farms, causing pollination
  • Does not want people to know the truth of rBST in milk production
  • They are trying to rid of Seed Cleaners. Putting specifically-skilled people out of the workforce and creating more need for petroleum-based pesticides, like Roundup


Just search for studies regarding pesticides and GMOs that aren’t funded by the major agriculture companies. Their pockets are deep, they can buy politicians. They are politicians. WE, as individuals must stand up and not buy their CRAP, because that’s what they are.
What can you do to stop Monsanto?

  • Vote with your money
    • Buy organic whenever possible
    • Purchase less of the items that are monsanto
  • Use  (3/4) to vinegar (1/4) salt  as an organic weed killer (use organic vinegar if you can!)
  • Let out your frustration by pulling weeds with your hands. Pour boiling water over any roots left behind
  • Don’t buy GMOs
  • Stay up to date with GMO info and research – I like the Institute for Responsible Technology, a comprehensive source of GMO health risk information on the web.
  • Help Organic Consumer Association
  • Create awareness

Save the butterflies :)

Save the Honey Bee

Find a March Against Monsanto event near you.


The following movies are great for those interested in more on the topic of GMOs and the harm of Monsanto

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  1. Great post! For anyone that lives in Connecticut: write to your legislators today and ask them to support the two GMO labeling bills that are up right now- HB6519 and HB6527! :)

  2. It sucks how greedy people can be. Companies like Monsanto make me sick…they only care of how much money they can make by lying and taking advantage of others.

  3. Love this post. I just read about this March! Need to make more people aware of what GMO really does to our body and environment. Thanks!

  4. This is a very interesting post and certainly gives me something to ponder. I am aware of Monsanto as a company as most are, but you’ve given some information that is very eye opening. :-)

  5. I’ve never heard of Monsanto and I was not aware of so much of the information you provided. I’m going to have to a little research of my own.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Wow I must live under a rock. I have never heard of Monsanto but after reading about them, I will never buy their products. I will have to do more research into what their products are but you did a very good job of laying out all the reasons to march against them and have me convinced.

    1. That’s true enough – but the fact is, there’s so much hidden that it is hard to make a truly informed choice. Money talks.

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