Organize the freezer

Resolution 2013: Get and stay better organized


I’m a check list type of girl. Here’s a public checklist that says 1) I need to get and stay better organized in 2013. Part of it will be helped with another one (downsize), but here are my first two projects. Both in the kitchen.

Better organized – can it be done?

So organizing the cabinets and the freezer will help with a few things – one, I won’t be disgusted when I open the cabinets and two, I won’t buy stuff I already have. Previously this was organized but then I started to let my kiddos help put things away and then I gave up. Plus, I had pastas on one side, then some of the “baking” stuff and then flours/grains. Well guess what, other adults in my house see things differently.


get and stay more organized
Get and stay more organized – cabinets are first!

Then we have our freezer. I have so much greens I don’t know what to do, but I open them, they get freezer burn and then I buy more, only to find more. Again, So in 2013, I should be able to meal plan better (and save money) by being better organized.

For those who are already organized, what are your hints? You can see we don’t have  a lot of canned items (BPA issues, I know), but we have way too many cereal boxes. There was a sale… I swear! Then, my husband saw more on sale, and we’re inundated with cereal. Meanwhile, the plan is to eat more oatmeal. Nice :)

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