LIttle PNuts quality toy gift

Safe, educational toys for your loved ones


Little PNuts is a company that offers subscription based toy service. Often, we’re inundated with advertising and gimmicks, making it hard to find safe, educational toys for our children. As part of the practical gift guide, I was able to review the service of Little PNuts.


Little PNuts says they are

 Subscription Toy Company Featuring Eco Friendly, Organic, Natural & Sustainably Made Toys for Your Little Pnuts- Imagine.Create.Play.


I was surprised to see such quality toys when I received my box. Honestly – we received 4 toys in our box, which we chose for the preschool age. Since they go based on age and development, you know the toys you’re getting will match your child. We received a card game, a toy from Plan Toys (which alone probably would retail for close to the cost of one month of the subscription box!) , an Italian toy car set, as well as a lacing toy from Hape, another quality company!

I don’t want to totally blow the surprise (Because i think parents are just as excited for the opening as the kiddo!!), but know that these are great items, quality, improve value and safe!

Since you get a new box every three months with the subscription, it makes for great timing – take some of your older, less played with toys (not likely to be something you get in your Little PNuts subscription!!) and donate them… and make room for these new toys!

Choose from the following packages and options:

– Yearly subscription – they split the payments over 12 months if you’d like as well for a slight monthly fee.

They also allow those with subscriptions to allow for a special delivery, for birthdays, etc.  Each delivery sends between 3-5 gifts all age and developmentally appropriate. Their website also gives more information on development and the package comes with how to use these safe, educational toys and what developmental milestones. The cost for these ends up being ~$60 box and when I looked up online how much I would have spent on the toys I was sent, I definitely saved money AND didn’t end up buying junk.

I could see using this service to save money! If you know new toys are coming every three months, you don’t need to spend through out the year – just remind your kiddos that a surprise will be coming soon when they ask!



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  2. What a great way to introduce new toys to kids. Keeps them learning in a fun way while always changing it up so they don’t get bored. Sounds like a fun subscription.

  3. really really cute! thank you for sharing them. I rarely buy toys for the kids but always appreciate a educational/safe option to nudge the grandparents towards :)

  4. What an amazing service. I love toys that are educational especially since I have twins that see a developmental specialist.

  5. i love Little PNuts! just subscibed recently & got our first box! like you said, every thing in it was totally awesome!


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