SAHM expectation: a clean home. Review The Toxin Free Home by Alison Haynes


We all have our things. One of mine is the over exposure of toxins. When it comes to keeping a home, I am far from perfect, and right now I’m basically forced out of career due to taxes and the cost of good child care. Any how, because I’m home with the kids and “free” most of the day (and getting some volunteering in!), I’m trying to do a better job on keeping up on the house work.

toxin free home
Cover of Alison Haynes’ Toxin Free Home Book

The Toxin Free Home

I was sent a review copy of The Toxin Free Home, by Alison Haynes, and many of the ideas in this thick book (this is an actual resource and not a 20 page pdf e-copy of some ideas that people source from a few of their favorite blogs), are useful.

In her guide to maintaining a clean, eco-friendly, and healthy home, Alison helps her conscientious readers:

  • think about the home in a variety of ways
  • guide through each area of the home
  • things to think about
  • ideas on what to change
  • actual cleaning regimens

Some of the ideas you’ll find in her book that you won’t find on most websites or small ebooks include:

  • washing with bran
  • fabric washing requirements
  • how to be “clever” while shopping
  • ozone issues due to copiers in rooms without good ventilation
  • list of disinfectants and how to make them (and what’s the difference between a disinfectant and a detergents, and such)

Two hints to share from her awesome guide for a toxin-free home include:

  • Use vinegar on “pit stains!”
  • Use boiled linseed oil and a soft cloth on bronz between regular dusting.

Alison Haynes studied law before deciding to write full-time. She has been widely published in magazines and has written several books. She lives in Australia.

Buy her book on Amazon at:

(Yes you can also get The Toxin Free Home as an ebook. I don’t hate ebooks, but I’ve been duped by a few really short ebooks and now always check page count before buying!)

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