#SB1157 Update – Arizona Homebirth options


Arizona SB1157 is still of concern for many. Last weekend the worry was that the bill could be heard in the senate as soon as this past Tuesday. Well, it didn’t make it into the agenda for “rules” on Monday, which it has to pass (to make sure it isn’t un-constitutional, um…) before being heard.

What is going on with SB1157?

Since it was stricken from the 2/17/2014 agenda, it can still come up again at any time. Perhaps it was stricken, thinking it will have less attention later? Perhaps the person in charge of making the agenda, heard the cries from constituents and decided the bill shouldn’t be come law? It isn’t known for sure.

But, it can still move forward. At any time. Bills don’t just die and go away, they can re-emerge, when people aren’t watching. It currently is not on the agenda for February 24, 2014 either.

Awareness of rights and the definition of liberty

For now it is important to see this as an issue of liberty and be aware of other “rights” you have and see that, even though the US has the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” it doesn’t mean that the government won’t make a law that infringes upon that, even if popular opinion and scientific research shows it to be safe. Even if it isn’t popular opinion, should the government have the right to pass a law on “our” behalf?

liberty definition
Keep aware of what liberties and freedoms you have. Know that these can change. If we don’t stand up for what we believe in, who will? If we don’t support other’s rights, who will help support ours?

Continue to email your represesntatives and senators. They are elected to represent YOUR will. We have a REPRESENTATIVE democracy, so if they aren’t listening to you, if they aren’t showing up for votes, be active in finding someone who will listen

From the Rights for Homebrith Facebook group (PAC)

DEMOCRATS–Carlyle Begay (D), Olivia Cajero Bedford (D), Andrea Delassandro (D), Steve Farley (D), Steve Gallardo (D), Leah Landrum Taylor (D), Anna Tovar (D), Robert Meza (D), Barbara McGuire (D), and Lynne Pancrazi (D)
cbegay@azleg.gov, ocajerobedford@azleg.gov, adalessandro@azleg.gov, sfarley@azleg.gov, sgallardo@azleg.gov, llandrum@azleg.gov, atovar@azleg.gov, rmeza@azleg.gov, bmcguire@azleg.gov, lpancrazi@azleg.gov

REPUBLICANS–Chester Crandell (R), David Farnsworth (R), Bob Worsley (R), Adam Driggs (R), Gail Griffin (R), John McComish (R), Al Melivin (R), Rick Murphy (R), Steve Pierce (R), Michelle Reagan (R), Dan Shooter (R), Steve Yarbrough (R).
ccrandell@azleg.gov, dfarnsworth@azleg.gov, rworsley@azleg.gov, adriggs@azleg.gov, ggriffin@azleg.gov, jmccomish@azleg.gov, amelvin@azleg.gov, rmurphy@azleg.gov, spierce@azleg.gov, mreagan@azleg.gov, dshooter@azleg.gov, syarbrough@azleg.gov

Let them know you would like them to “VOTE NO ON SB1157.” Continue to research what bill drafts are coming to vote where you live. Know what the limits of the government are supposed to be and go from there.

Think. Be. Do.

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  1. Hopefully they can’t make this pass! I’ve never had a home birth (I enjoy the pampering in the hospital after labor… I’m strange probably) but I respect the right of those who want one to h ave one.


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