Since 1990 issues with pertussis vaccines


I previously have written about vaccines, some of the potential reasons that people may choose to not vaccinate, and some issues surrounding big-pharma (and big-agra too!)’s control of our “freedom.” Consider your freedom when many people are led to believe they don’t have the freedom to not vaccinate, and some in the US still do not have true vaccine freedom. If these vaccines really work, then why is there such an uproar for “school shots.” I mean, by then the 5 or 6 year olds would all be “up-to-date” right?


Tale this example: Menkes and Kinsbourne  in Neuropediatrics in review of information discussed at a workshop of neuro-professionals (more here


They indicate:

 Reviewing all data, it appears likely that a combination of one or more bacterial toxins, asphyxia, CO2 retention and loss of cerebral vascular autoregulation is responsible for neurologic symptoms. The timing of the encephalopathy suggests that it results from increased lysis of bacteria, and release of endotoxin. The encephalopathy is not confined to the paroxysmal phase.



In fact, the whole question of vaccine detoxification has never been systematically investigated. Listed in order of increasing severity, observed adverse reactions include irritability, persistent, unusually high pitched crying, somnolence, seizures, a shock-like “hypotensive, hyporesponsive” state, and an encephalopathy. Since the neurologic picture is not specific for pertussis vaccination, its temporal relationship to the vaccination is the critical variable for determining causation. Although the majority of seizures following pertussis vaccination are associated with fever, it was the consensus of the neurologists attending the workshop, that these do not represent febrile convulsions, but are non-benign convulsions. The incidence of post-vaccine encephalopathy is difficult to ascertain.

So what’s the current recommendation for this vaccine?

2 months
4 months
6 months
15-18 months
4-6 years
11-12 years


If you choose to vaccinate, know the signs and report a vaccine side effect or vaccine injury.

That study came up because of things like this and this and this. So no, it isn’t Jenny McCarthy or the “debunked” doctor – it is all of this added up that makes us THINK, rather than blindly follow.



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