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We all have our “things” right? I have been on a freedom kick lately, and I have many people who believe I’m all out republican and don’t believe in global warming. Not true.

I’m actually a pro-life liberal turned libertarian. Yep, I believe we all need to take responsibility and also help where we can, but we shouldn’t be forced! One of those areas is being eco-sensitive and doing our part when we can to care for the earth and keep it for future generations.

Oh, this post contains affiliate links and while I was given the product for my use, I wasn’t forced to give a positive review or paid to make any statements.

Single use products are convenient, that’s why we use them when a lot of people are coming over, or we’re heading out for the day. Sometimes they even end up in general daily use. But, when we do it too often, we need to consider the impact of single use products.

feel better about single use with compostable plates and more
From cups and bowls and cutlery, Repurpose brand has great compostable plates and more for you to feel better about when you choose single use.

A better option for single use products

  • When a single use product is made from renewable resources that’s great!
  • When a single use product can be composted that’s even better.
  • When your community has composting available, use it!

So, when it comes to single use products, here are some that we can consider using less of, or changing to a better option:

  • diapers
  • throwaway cups
  • feminine hygiene products

When I was given the chance to check out Repurpose Single Use products, I definitely wanted to see how they’d hold up. And they did!

Here’s my unboxing

When it comes to their use here’s what I’ve found:

  • Bowls work nicely and unlike stryrofoam (ew!), it doesn’t melt when you put in hot soup in them.
  • The single use coffee cups work well and keep the coffee as warm as your favorite to-go brand cup.
  • The spoons don’t melt in the above mentioned hot soup :)
  • Plates work well and aren’t flimsy, no need to double plate with regular items

In the end, the fact that they are compostable and my township has a compost pick up, I’m happy to use these when we’re having guests over and I don’t want to do dishes. Consider compostable plates, forks and cups instead and feel better about your choices. Make better trash!

Their cold cups are available on Amazon Subscribe and Save right now – put them in your shipping and get 20% off your first delivery (cough, do multiple boxes for your first order, save big, and then adjust your order down to 1 supply for your future deliveries)

More about Repurpose Single Use Cold Cups:

  1. BPA free
  2. Made from plants and soy based inks
  3. Certified compostable breaks down in a matter of months
  4. Generates less CO2 than a traditional plastic cup

Feel good about single use! We all have our things, if you want to feel better about single use cups choose one that Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

Using plants instead of petroleum requires 3-4 times less CO2 to produce and can lower your carbon footprint by as much as 65%

What are your thoughts on “better” single use products like Repurpose?

Want to win the chance to try these out? Enter below!


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  1. I hope these cause a great impact on the creation of single-use products. It looks like a good solution to a terrible problem we experience worldwide as the single-use products end up in trash fills and only contaminate. I hope Repurpose becomes the standard!


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