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So you didn’t send your Christmas Cards Out: Are E-Cards Tacky?



Okay, okay, it is that time of year – shopping, family, food, baking, weather… You have a lot to deal with, but we all do. So, the question is, if the cards won’t make it on time, what should you do?

Are E-Cards Tacky?

 The short answer, they aren’t tacky. The long answer…Ten years ago, evites were new, people were happy to  but evites aren’t the same as greeting cards. And, today, evites are pretty much the standard when it comes to parties. We expect them and other than formally inviting Gramma over for dinner, evites are absolutely fine. But, evites are not greeting cards, and aren’t as well received. While there’s nothing wrong with an e-thank you after a child’s birthday party (try to be specific about their presence AND their present, though), some traditions are meant to be kept. 


History of Greeting Cards and Christmas Cards

first christmas card
The world’s first Christmas Card. Public Domain Photo


In 1843, John Callcott Horsley designed the first commercial greeting card for Henry Cole. Since then, Christmas cards have become a tradition that is found in most of Europe and the US. Holiday greetings to some, as it has become over the past few years even at the White House (and unopened “official” Christmas Cards go for up to $100 on Ebay!) To some in the US, you’re an adult when you start sending your own cards out rather than being signed on to your parent’s family card.

But, then the days get shorter and the weeks get busier and it almost seems too late to send out your Christmas cards. But is it ever too late?


While your cards won’t be displayed as prominently, if the cards you’ve chosen say “Happy Holidays” it is fine to send them still! Really! In fact your card probably says “wishing you a prosperous new year” or something along that line as well. And, if they don’t, you can always add that in with a nice marker and send them out… Your cards are out in the mail and people will get something other than their credit card bill in the mail and that’s always a delight, right? Even if they say Merry Christmas, you may just be celebrating the Eastern Orthodox Christmas.

Let your friends get their bills via email – not your greeting.


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