Fertility options when you want to start a family

Starting a family shouldn’t be forced


I’ve posted before about the issues surrounding women feeling pressured to start a family. Here’s the thing, having a family isn’t for everyone. But, I do know that for some, the “urge” comes later. Of course, biology comes into play so women who want to have a family should have options. This is a sponsored post.

Options for starting a family

  • Adoption. While I have some issues with families being ripped apart due to false cases of abuse or neglect, there are children who have been abandoned who need loving homes. There are also options for family adoption or even international adoption (just be sure it is legal and that there isn’t a case of human trafficking involved, because with healthy children, this is actually something that is an issue!)
  • Fertility treatments. This is often one of the first stop options when “just trying” doesn’t work. And, the fact is, the older you are, the less fertile women are – this is just part of human nature.
  • Consider exploring egg donation – this option allows women who may not be producing “good” eggs anymore still get pregnant and carry a baby themselves.
  • Surrogacy – This is sticky because in some states, there isn’t protection, and I do know families who’ve had success with surrogacy, a friend who was a surrogate, and a family who had a surrogate later keep the child, so I have a hard time recommending this option.

Starting a family is not easy, and I know that when it seems like “everyone else, including their teen cousin, is getting pregnant,” and you’re not, you want to know your options. Blood doesn’t just make a family – we all know that. So, being open to additional options can help make a family a reality.

What options would you consider if you wanted to have a family but the traditional options just wasn’t working?

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