Street Pianos Provide Hope, Entertainment for Millions

street pianos
How can your donation to help promote street music help give entertainment and hope?

There is a trend growing across the nation, and it’s all about the music. Head down to the outdoor mall in Denver, and one will find a number of different pianos. They are all painted with wild colors, and they’re played by random people along the way. Go to Tampa, Florida or even Boston, and one will find a number of these pianos, too. The idea is a simple one that is catching on in a number of these cities. That is, providing people with free access to music can make them happier while providing entertainment to onlookers, as well.

Many people are looking to put street pianos in New York to ensure that the city has the kind of life and vitality that other cities are currently featuring. One of the goals of the people advocating for pianos is to provide access to music for people who are poor. There are many people who would love to play the piano, but they do not have access to one. Homeless people, for instance, would never have the ability to play if not for programs of this nature. In many cities, people sit down with the needy to provide them with lessons on how to play these pianos. It becomes a source of hope for the city, giving needy people something to do in order to find their own meaning.

The hope factor is an important one that drives these efforts. Music adds some spice to life. It has been shown to help liven up cities where people have become destitute. New Orleans, for instance, struggled to overcome the problems that it faced in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. However, the city has become known for its street music. While New Orleans does not have street pianos, other cities have taken notice of how well a city can be transformed when people are given something to do and something to play.

Another of the benefits of these piano programs is the art factor. Back in Denver, the pianos are painted in wild colors that represent the heart and soul of a fun city. This is a part of what people hope to accomplish with the piano programs. When those pianos are not being played by people on the street, they are the subjects of photographs, and help to liven up the dreary streets to some extent.

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