age to begin music lessons

A budding musician? What instruments and at which age?


Do you have a budding musician? Or, do you just want to find a non-sport after school activity for your child? The information below is entirely based on my research and my life as a former band-geek. Please note that this post does contain affiliate links at times.

Considerations for what age to begin music lessons

music lessons and a child violin
When should you start music lessons for your children?


Music Lessons

The first music lessons your child receives may be the music that you sing, or it can be slightly formal through a mom and me (or to be PC, a caregiver and child) music class like the various lines of Music Together-type ones  that you decide upon. Of course this may be needed if you want a bit more organized chaos over the clanging of your pots and pants (nothing wrong with that, but we sometimes prefer to play music in a group, right?

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When you start lessons for your kids will vary slightly based on:

  • goal
  • natural abilities
  • ability to pay attention
  • ability to follow instructions for 15-45+ minutes
  • innate interests
  • money (yep it is a factor)
  • availability

When you consider music lessons for your kids, don’t push it. Children need to have some interest in a hobby, or it will be a waste of time and money.

Ideas to help spur interest in music

  • Find the type of music they like.
  • Show them youtube videos of kids making music
  • Take them to an “open jam” night that is kid-friendly (like at a resto-bar, toward the beginning of the evening)
  • Play any musical instruments you own (assuming you can play of course)
  • Encourage them to make music on an inexpensive keyboard
age to begin music lessons
What’s the best age to begin music lessons? Here is what research and some personal experience has shown me. See some citations below

Considerations for the music starting chart

Age ranges for beginning lessons will vary, for example, a child can catch onto basic keyboard/casio skills at age 4 or 5, but to move on to piano, the HAND size will matter.

A child who is taking piano lessons should be comfortable placing five fingers on five adjacent white keys. For some five-year-olds, that’s a big stretch! Before beginning piano lessons, make sure your child’s hands have grown enough to be comfortable using a keyboard.

The Suzuki method of teaching Violin, for example, means that a child can begin quite young – as early as 2, and the claim is that it is like a language: the younger the easier it is to grasp!

The drum age range is broad because it matters on the size and TYPE of drum. Traditionally, in India, the tabla is taught to young boys beginning around age 4. A full drum set requires a child to be a bit bigger to get all the various drum types.

It never is too late to begin learning, but music education changes the brain, so consider music lessons for your child.


What instruments can you play?

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