Summer time: What to look for in quality sandals


It is getting warm and whether you’re in Phoenix or Florida, I’m sure you’ve been wearing flip flops or sandals for a while. I know my daughter lives in her girls sandals. And thus, we’ve gone through a few of the cheap ones this spring and I’m about to upgrade her to some comfortable flats.


Sandals need a few things to upstand daily wear. I recommend considering the following:

  • A solidly made sole
  • Double stitching around any bottom and connecting pieces to prevent tear away
  • Gripping bottoms if you’ll be around rain
  • Arch support if you are prone to pain or will wear them daily
  • A second pair to alternate for daily wear

In addition, fashion also matters. Reef sandals have plenty of options to keep your feet looking their best, and many sandals with arch support. As someone with “flat feet” having arch support matters! A year or so of metal insoles in the mid-80s shouldn’t be for naught, right?
While looking for some new flip flops, know what you need and know that quality over quantity can go a long way. Two pairs to alternate over a summer or two can be much better than throw away cheap ones that may fall apart while you’re walking around a backyard barbecue. I know I’ve had times when one has fallen apart at inopportune times and it was no fun.
Most of us aren’t in India and have someone on the side of the street to repair your shoes, right?

Summer sandals

Find something quality. And, for those who do host the barbecue, you may just want to check out these sandals.
Yep, those are sandals with a bottle opener. Can’t get much better than that for the upcoming summer, now can you?
When it comes down to shopping for sandals online, look for quality. I love that allows you to “see” the bottoms of the shoes. So if you’re going to be chasing your kiddo at the splash pad, you will want something with a grip and can buy accordingly. If you’re heading to a beach destination wedding, fashion and comfort will be coming up over that grip and you can plan accordingly.

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  1. If I wasn’t a total germaphobe I would love these. They seem very convenient but I would be freaked out by all the germs hiding out on the bottom of the shoes.

  2. This is just a totally awesome idea. I can picture my brother wearing a pair of these! He loves his summer parties a lot. Thank you for telling me about them so I know what to get him for his birthday.


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