Thank you to those representing AZ families #sb1157


Senate Bill 1157 (SB 1157) looks to undo the hardwork of a group of people who represent the various viewpoints and constituency related to childbirth. Two years back a group came together, as directed by the then Governor Brewer, to look at the scope of practice and such for licensed midwives. SB1157 looks to repeal the AGREED UPON changes and make it more difficult for women to have access to homebirth.

How can you help STOP SB1157?

Stop by your senator’s office.

If you don’t know your Senator – find them here.

I easily looked at the map and saw that my senator (based on my last US address) was:

David Lujan
1700 W. Washington
Room 315
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5058
Fax Number: (602) 417-3227

Email your senator and let them know

You can also call, facebook or tweet your senators.

Visit the link for AZ Voices to let them know that you Strongly Disagree with this bill. Please note you must login there with your registered voter information.

RETWEET  Tweets regarding SB1157!

Here is a list of tweets I have current, you can simply quick re-tweet.


See the committee vote information on this page.

Forward this and other messages to keep the information going. This could go to vote as early as Tuesday. Those who are elected to represent women of AZ should know how people feel about this bill. They should be forced to also consider what their constituents want before making their vote.

Let them know you do not want them voting in favor of this bill on your behalf. After all, isn’t that the base of a representative government? A government by the people, for the people?

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  1. Every woman should be able to make their own choice. It only takes one to start the ball rolling for change, your voice will make a difference.


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