Is it possible to transition to being a working mom? WHat things do you have to consider?

Tips and Hints: Heading back to work after being a SAHM


Did you take some time off from your career plans after having your baby and now you’re headed back to work again? For any mom that change will be a great transition.  Whether it has been a year or two or half a decade or more, the fact is, you’ll need to make some adjustments to help transition back into the workforce. Here are some tops tips and tricks to help make it easier on you and your family. 

transition from stay at home mom to working mom, things to consider
Considerations for making that change from stay-at-home-mom to working mom, especially after a year or more.

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First things first, it is important to look at your schedule and child care or school. Know your options are for child care:

  • family or friends when it is just an hour until someone gets home and school release time
  • day care
  • live in care like an au pair or nanny
  • in home live-out care
  • after care at school

If you’re still nursing, here are some tips for pumping, keeping your supply and working here.

Now, let’s get to the real issue: clothing. Chances are your body has changed since having kids and your old work clothes no longer fit. And, if it has been a while, they may no longer be in style.

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Another concern a working mom has to consider is summer camps for school-age kids. The benefit of an au pair or other live-in option is that you can change your schedule for the summer easily, but otherwise, camps can be expensive. Even if you have your child in regular care through the year, a change of scenery can be worthwhile, so summer camps will often come into play. See our updated list for SE Michigan here!

Finally, don’t forget that the house won’t take care of itself. While you’re working out that new budget with your income, consider your options for having someone to come to clean the house. If you can afford a monthly service, add that in. If it is weekly, even better. Know the price points for each and see what you can work into the budget, so that your time spent at home can be spent with a family and not scrubbing toilets.

It will also be important that you figure out a meal plan and also meal prep on weekends, so that evenings are not rushed.

If you’re making a career change with heading back to work it may be a mesmerizing a bit. Yes, you worked before, and you may notice that work isn’t the same after kids. Your life is different, your concerns are different, and your outlook is even different. So it is important to keep your perspective positive, know your goals, and ensure you have a work-life balance that allows you to develop as a person, AND keep your family life moving forward.

Happy wife, happy life?

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  1. These are great tips for going back to work after baby. I absolutely love the clothes from ModCloth…I could change my whole wardrobe to just their clothes if I could afford it!

  2. You picked some really lovely outfits and your tips are spot-on. I’m a big advocate of delegating work so life is not a big rush. So, yes to the cleaning service too!

  3. I did not go back to full time work after having babies but now I need help with working from home over the summer! A challenge no matter when.

  4. I honestly hated going back to work after the birth of my firstborn. Now I am happily a SAHM of two. I may return to the workforce someday — but not anytime soon. Great tips for women who do plan to go back!

  5. There are so many things to consider when changing your current arrangements. I like coming up with plans for the days when things don’t go according to plan also.

  6. I will cry if I ever have to use these tips. I recently left employment outside the home to be with my little guy. It’s been an adjustment but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  7. Good info and actually very timely for me since this is sort of the point of my life I’m at right now. Great clothing too!


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