Trans fats banned in California – Nestle sued for trans fats


Transfats are horrible. Terrible. Absolutely horrendous. They are banned in most of the world and in California restaurants. But Nestle and others choose to keep trans fats in their “cheese” in frozen pizzas such as DiGiorno, California Pizza Kitchen (frozen), and Stouffers are included. Half of all frozen pizza are Nestle. If you follow my blog you know how much I love this company… Nestle pretty much ALWAYS put profits over public health – which is what this new lawsuit is based upon.

Nestle is being sued by a mother in California court for $5 million.

Nestle Pizza Lawsuit

Nestle of course claims to be following the law (FDA says just label it and its okay basically)… but well, the law isn’t right – you shouldn’t have POISON in your food. And second… lawsuits like this are to keep Nestle in check. Their “health information officers” would know that… right?

What is your thought on the Nestle pizza lawsuit? Frivolous or a way to help better the food and food products in mainstream stores?

To me, Nestle will likely settle this quietly unless they can prove some how… trans fats aren’t a problem. Of course California is the same state that was influenced by big companies to not label GMOs in food too… so who knows anymore!

Hopefully this will start a chain reaction in foods – I know last year I posted on Girl Scout Cookies having transfats on my Cooking Blog, but really, transfats are unnecessary and a cheap food ingredient. While it is perhaps ideal to cook from scratch every meal, it just really isn’t possible at all times. I mean who here is cooking from scratch all the food for their superbowl party? Really though, let’s hope the Nestle Pizza Lawsuit helps us all in the long run. That’s the least we can hope for, right?


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