Muay Thai boxing vacation

Travel plans: Muay Thai Camp in Thailand: Fun, fitness and frolic


People travel for different purposes. Some want to enjoy their vacation abroad while others travel for business purposes. No matter why you are traveling abroad, it is the best idea to use this time spent out of your home to do something beneficial for your health.

visiting thailand
Visiting Thailand – Pools, ocean, mountains and greenery

If you are looking for a great vacation destination we can highly recommend Thailand. We visited Ao Nang last year and still say ‘we need to head back again.’ Thailand is an Asian country with beautiful culture, pleasant people, unforgettable nature and long history. It attracts millions of tourists from across the globe, including nearly three quarters of a million from the US: it is a flight for sure, but it is a great destination with a lot to do! Recently, the number of tourists has grown thanks to the opportunities that Thailand is offering in the field of fitness activities, while still having beautiful, clean beaches and plenty of fun. When it comes to fitness, we are primarily speaking about Muay Thai.

Thai Boxing Vacation

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is considered to be one of the most attractive martial arts in the world. This is why thousands of people in Thailand, where Muay Thai is a national sport, are beginning to really catch on and watch the excitement of Muay Thai fights. When we were in Krabi, tourists went in caravans and taxis to watch various night fights. What I found out recently was that while professionals are fun to watch, while on vacation, you can also give it a try. Muay Thai training is interesting for complete beginners that are out of shape too.

Before we share the details it is good to mention that a Muay Thai training camp such as Suwit Muay Thai is the most suitable place to take these classes. They have the necessary equipment, machines and trainers for a successful training class.

Muay Thai training includes exercises that affect the entire body. It is a complete body workout. The changes that this type of training brings are visible both outside on the body in the form of strengthened muscles and toned body and inside where the internal organs will start working properly. In addition, Muay Thai is great for the brain because it improves the mood, makes people become more focused and improves their self-confidence. There are of course many people who are interested in the self defense techniques taught on these classes and they won’t be disappointed.

Muay Thai is a great fitness activity that can help almost every individual who has a desire to improve their health, physical strength and self defense capabilities. Taking advantage of a vacation in a beautiful location, and also learn something new is definitely something to consider.

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