Trees, flowers, and plants gallore at Gee Farms

Here's where we found Devdar tree in Michigan - Gee Farms
Here’s where we found Devdar tree in Michigan – Gee Farms

April showers bring May flowers. Well, we had some snow, and a bit less rain, but we’re seeing flowers and we decided that we wanted to add some more trees (and plants) to our new backyard. My husband called around until he found a place with a specific tree he wanted. The tree, for those interested is called Devdar, or Cedrus Deodora, which is found in the Himalayas. Well after a bit of searching he found that Gee Farms had it in stock. So, off we went to Gee Farms near Stockbridge, MI. (This is around 30-35 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor).

Address of Gee Farms: 14928 Bunkerhill Road, Stockbridge, MI 49285

Phone: 1-800-860-BUSH (2874)

I knew they were a big place, but was pretty surprised when we pulled up. Outside they had a sign that said they took EFT, which means they carry food, which is a good sign. While most of the food may not have been local, they did carry seeds, including some non-GMO seeds.

I would liked to have seen more organic starter plants. Because, I, somehow, manage to not do so well when I start plants from seeds. Of course, last time I tried, I was in the desert (and failed most miserably)!

gees farm michigan visit
A day at Gee Farms can be tons of fun. When you a buy a tree, they give you advice so it’ll happily grow. They offer 50% replacement value if it dies within 6 months, or a 20% discount.
gee farms michigan review
A day of fun, face painting and discovery at Gee Farms. Dee the Clown was there too!

What you’ll find at Gee Farms

Free face painting on the weekends! Yep, tipping of course is recommended but Dee the Clown is there doing face painting and making balloon art.

  • Full list of garden supplies
  • Seeds by the pack of the scoop (including GMO seeds that weren’t labeled as such!
  • Homemade daily baked breads and doughnuts
  • Hand scooped and soft serve ice cream (we got the ice cream)
  • Home grown vegetables during season
  • Full time Fruit and Vegetable Market
  • Jams, Jellies and Preserves
  • Relishes and  Pickle Mixes
  • Dips and Soup Mixes
  • Fairy Garden Supplies (which is a big thing in the Ann Arbor area)

Is it worth the ride out to Gee Farm?

Yeah, I think it is. The kids loved it, though the ride back was a bit of a fight as they wanted to stop at the parks, but we knew that the new neighbor kids go inside by 7, and weekends are the only play time. Luckily we made it back, the neighbors were outside and the kids were all able to play.

So we came out with some seeds, a few sprouted plants, a tree and a blueberry bush.

where to buy fairy garden
Decorating your garden? A whole building full of fun stuff can be found at Gee Farms Michigan. They also have a wall or two just for Fairy Gardens.

Gee Farms also had bird feeders, gardening tools, stepping stones and many ornaments for you to make your garden or yard truly and intimately yours. Well, if your HOA allows it :)

So more on our Review of Gee Farms (by the way, this family business has no idea we’re reviewing them, so it isn’t sponsored by them in any way)

I’m hoping that they’ll continue to offer non-GMO options and maybe even have a special “non-GMO” area in the future.


You can find non-GMO options for seeds and more here.

Oh a bonus – on the ride back we saw a fake Christmas tree on the curb… FOR FREE! Plus it had a storage cover. Score! They had a for sale sign on their lawn, so it was nice to get something we’ll need anyway! No shame in free ya’ll!

But just down the street we have a locally owned (Michigan), natural food market that I’m going to try to check out. Yesterday I showed up and they close early on Sundays. So today I head out with the kids.

Do you plant trees? What about flowers to encourage either butterflies or, the ever important, bumble bees?

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  1. Looks like a fun time. I can’t wait to get working in my garden again. The weather is just starting to shape up and I think I might be able to get to it soon. Hopefully.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of clowns (LOL) but the rest of your trip seemed like a great time. Sounds like a decent place for a weekend trip to help get the yard ready for summer

  3. I’m a face painter. I was thinking that looks like one of my designs. Then I noticed Dee dee the clown she lived next door to me growing up. Small world!!


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