V Completes Montessori Three year program


The three year Montessori program – something I’ve posted about in a variety of ways over the years. Three Montessori programs in three years and now we’re done? Well not, we, but SHE is done. Complete. Over. The school year here is over and the end of school year changed while we were on vacation so I didn’t get to celebrate a “last day of kindergarten,” which likely is for the best, but STILL… My daughter is off to the big school in June!

Apprehension over school options in Thane

I still have plenty of apprehension over school here. I’m not 100% satisfied with our chosen option, but we don’t have an option that makes me 100% happy, but we’re okay with it and the fact that V is happy with the choice means I’m content.

So here’s V on her first day of Montessori in Cave Creek through her days in Glendale AMI to her days here in Thane. WOW, time surely flies. (Note that she has the same shirt on in two of the pictures almost 2 years apart!)

V started at an AMS school, doing 2 days a week when she was 3. I wouldn’t have had her in school but we were thinking long-term and knew that a move here to India was potentially happening. Thus, we figured we’d ease her in.

A variety of Montessori Schools, Same basic Method

When she was 4, we decided to make the switch to an AMI school closer to home. With 5 days a week, cutting an hour off the commute would be beneficial for many reasons (including mileage!).

Now we’re at an AMI following school here in Thane and our son joined her this year. It was good for him to have his big sister in the same class :)

three years of montessori growth
Three Years of Montessori at 3 different schools on two continents :) See R in there too.

Here’s some video of their annual day this past weekend.

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  1. I taught Montessori to my boys for a while. Such a great method and they learned so much. How cool that they got to be in the same class! Good luck with your upcoming decision!


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