Starting out Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations

How to: Very Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations


My daughter has fallen into the consumerist and super popular Hello Kitty craze. Since previously it wasn’t something you could find everywhere, I was okay with it. But now it is everywhere… and yep, she’s full blown crazed. For her birthday we did the regular evites, but since she wanted to invite some people from school and dance class, and I didn’t have email addresses, we hand-made Hello Kitty Birthday invites. Why? The cost of purchased ones were crazy – like $.75 each for mass made ones and even more for fancy, nice ones!

Completed Homemade Hello Kitty Birthday Invites
Completed Homemade Hello Kitty Birthday Invites

Instructions for Hello Kitty invites:

Items Needed to make these Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations:

  • 5×5 card stock paper
  • Stick on or glue on jewels
  • Gold marking pen
  • Black marking pen
  • Glue
  • Ribbon cut to 3.5” length
  • Photo of hello kitty (without bow if possible)


Find a photo of Hello Kitty’s head – I used this one that didn’t include a bow.

Hello Kitty Head No Bow

Cut out Hello Kitty’s head

Place that into the upper corner or the 5×5 cardstock. If you use 8×8, you can likely place in the middle

Glue bow into left ear area

– add jewel for flair

Use yellow marking pen for nose

Make 3 whiskers on each side with black marking pen (you can also use string/yarn if you want!)

Add a print out of birthday information and paste that below. You can use your marking pen to make it look like Hello Kitty is holding the paper.

 Now You’ve Made Hello Kitty Birthday Invites!


Happy birthday to your little one, or adult, Adults like Hello Kitty, too right?

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  3. How, cute are those personalized invitations! I just bought my daughter a Hello Kitty Broom earlier. She’s only one, but she loves to sweep the floor. I also bought her a Hello Kitty Mermaid Doll from Target. Have you seen them yet? They are really cute! I think they have a selection of four of them. Additionally, I saw a Hello Kitty Water Dispenser for only $20 earlier at Toys R Us.

  4. This is a really cute idea! My boyfriend’s daughter is going to be 15 and she still loves Hello Kitty. Granted, it’s more along the lines of the goth Hello Kitty, but still!


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